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We Are One Stop

We Are A Full Service Print & Direct Mail Marketing Group Focused On Helping Businesses Succeed By Elevating The Customer Experience.


Founded in 1986, OSM was acquired by Mike Anderson in 2005. Since that time, the business has expanded beyond a traditional direct mail shop to include services that optimize the process, efficiency and success of direct mail. An in-house print shop was built-up, experienced graphic design and data teams were established, and the direct mail volumes have risen year over year. 

The 2020 build-out of OSM’s new facility in Tempe maximizes operational efficiency and productivity in key departments such as business development, customer service, mail and print services. The space was designed and built with a desire to be motivating to all employees and welcoming to all customers. 

Your Success is Our Success.

This is the motto we live with daily as we work to discover your business’ untapped potential and find ways to continue to expand your influence in your market and succeed in your business.

No two customers are alike. We have been driven for years by our desire to get better as a company and have built a team of people who understand what it takes to make direct mail successful for you, no matter the business or industry.

We Embrace a "Do Better" Culture.

We’re proud of each team member and encourage a family-style culture to ensure that they feel free to share their ideas and expert opinions to benefit you, our customer.

Our “do better” culture helps teams to progress daily so they can continually improve the services you receive. You can experience seamless campaign creation and execution, recommendations that benefit your business, and mailers that your audience is eager to open.

As a team, we understand that your brand reputation is important and strive to preserve your good name through exceptional service in every area.

mike at one stop

Mike Anderson

President / CEO

Ask anyone at One Stop and they’ll tell you that Mike guides the company first by caring for each employee. He cultivates a strong culture and inspires the team to be better.
When he’s not in the office, find him on the lake with his family.
tony at one stop

Tony Kerber

Director of Operations

Tony’s leadership style is driven by his desire to create a positive culture. He believes the team thrives when everyone has a stake in each other’s success.
After work, Tony coaches baseball and works on his golf game.
tami at one stop

Tami Gurka

Account Director

Tami values strong, ongoing relationships. Her care shows in her loyalty and customer-centered mindset. She intentionally understands the client’s desires and helps them achieve their goals.
Tami’s vacation days are spent by the ocean and at the soccer field with her family.
erin at one stop

Erin Cisler

Account Manager

Erin works with clients to ensure that their projects are carefully managed from inception to completion. Her wit and down-to-earth personality create great service and a fun environment.
Arizona born and raised, when the day is done, Erin treasures time with her family.
carly at one stop

Carly Sawyer

Account Manager

Bio Coming Soon!
joshua at one stop

Josh Ruiz

Operations Manager

Josh’s enthusiasm and work ethic cultivates a great team atmosphere with a focus on quality and efficient production. He leads the mail room with a smile and easy-going humor.
On the weekend he coaches his son’s football team, plays spike ball with his daughters and is a master bee-keeper!
arnold at one stop

Arnold Ruiz

Print Manager

Bio Coming Soon!
ali at one stop

Ali Smith

Data Team Lead

Ali is a self-starter who likes to push boundaries and be at the forefront of technology to improve our processes and give our clients the results they desire.
At home, she invents resourceful ways to organize and craft.
holly at one stop

Holly Emerson

Lead Designer

Holly’s design strategy is built on design fundamentals and embellished with on-brand creativity. She holds a vibrant personality that flows seamlessly into her work and environment.
A Colorado native, her weekends are spent with friends driving, skiing, or camping.
jackie at one stop

Jackie Barcelo

Graphic Designer

An expert at integrating printing, paper, and design, she creates a unified experience for our customers. But it’s her easy smile and positive impact on morale that people remember.
If she’s not reading on her days off, she is working on home improvement projects.
mikey at one stop

Mikey Canez

Warehouse Manager

Bio Coming Soon!
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We Want You

To Join Our Team

Are you someone who loves to learn new things, challenge yourself and are looking to be a part of a dynamic team at a company that is growing? Then we probably want you here on the team with us!

Click through below to see what job openings we currently have and if one looks like a good fit to you, please apply.


Direct Mail & Print Service Experts

We serve business clients in a wide variety of industries, from entrepreneurs, real estate, home services, finance, medical and dental, and everyone in between. Our customers look to us to simplify and streamline the complete direct mail process.

  • Direct Mail campaign creation, testing and execution
  • List creation, analysis, & cleaning
  • Graphic design for mailers of all types
  • Digital and offset printing
  • Variable data printing
  • Bulk mailing and fulfillment services

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