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Eco-Friendly Marketing: Recycled and Sustainable Paper

Eco-Friendly Marketing: Recycled and Sustainable Paper

There have been many arguments made about eco-friendly marketing. Some have cited that digital is the only true green method. However, many of these arguments lose viability when you consider the carbon footprint of factories, the energy required to run devices, and growing amount of e-waste in the world. On the other side of the dividing line lies the the other option stacked against paperless advocates: recycled and sustainable paper. Many companies have started to use this option as a way to improve their brand image with the growing millennial generation, one that is willing to pay more for a product if it is green. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s start with this question: what is recycled and sustainable paper?


The Differences Between Recycled and Sustainable Paper

Recycled paper is created by reconstituting paper used by consumers. This is a great alternative to buying brand new paper. The downside to recycled paper though is the fact that paper can only be recycled a few times. Only the best quality paper can be used more than this, but it also has limited renewability.

Sustainable paper is different from recycled paper in the sense that the paper comes from forests that are constantly having new trees planted to replace the ones cut down. This is what “sustainable” means since this kind of deforestation does not leave stumps in its wake but freshly planted seeds to grow new trees. Another thing to note is that the trees that are cut down are not entirely devoted to making paper. Other parts of the tree are used for other things, making greater use out of the wood.


So, Why Does This Matter?

Now for the real question: why is it a big deal when a company decides to go green by switching the kind of paper it uses? As mentioned before, millennials are the most environmentally aware generation to date. Moreover, due to their constant exposure to social media, they have become increasingly aware of brand image. According to “5 Reasons Why Visible Sustainability Matters to Millennial Consumers,” 59% of millennials are willing to spend more on a product if the company is portraying the right brand image. The article also goes on to state that “to many millennials, the simple act of selecting a packaged beverage during a lunch break is the potential for a statement about their identity and values.” As millennials age and accumulate more buying power, companies should take heed of their environmental awareness to better market to them.


Planning For The Future

With environmental concerns constantly being at the forefront of many modern debates, it would not be too far-fetched to say that going green is an investment for future success. As more generations grow up in a highly environmentally aware society, one can only expect that this will remain an important concern for future generations. Consider recycled paper or sustainable paper as an alternative to satisfy your paper needs.



What is EDDM – And Is Canvassing A Neighborhood Worth It?

Business owners often ask us, “what is EDDM”?  They’ve heard of it and that its a good marketing tool, but they aren’t sure what the acronym means or what it’s all about.

Every door direct mail, or known simply as EDDM, is a marketing tool offered by USPS that targets mailing routes instead of individual addresses to get direct mail out to the masses. This is obviously different from the typical direct mail campaign we are all familiar since you are not necessarily targeting a specific individual but rather a large group of people in different neighborhoods. Due to this difference, it is important to be clear about what is EDDM when considering if it is right for your business.


Who Should Use It?

EDDM is great for those that want to target a new location but do not have a list of addresses for that area. This can enable you to get your brand in front of new customers in a specific region. EDDM typically works best for local businesses that want to get their name known by residents surrounding their area.On top of it having the capability to target a large group of people, EDDM is also cheaper than your typical direct mail marketing campaign. Rather than spending lots of time on catering your copy to a specific person, you need to make it more general and relevant to a variety of individuals.


Design Keys For EDDM

First and foremost, what will help you stand out is your color choices. As we discussed our other article called “Applying Color Psychology To Direct Mail,” color can imply different things to a person. Such as too much red coming off as aggressive or angry, or blue which can make someone feel cold and disconnected. Really consider what color choices are best for your messaging, and be sure to use the right amount.

After color comes the actual message you want to convey. Now, when we said that you needed to be more general, this does not mean you should not consider who your target customer. Start with who you think would be interested in your services, then develop messaging that can appeal to a wide range of individuals underneath this umbrella. This means wrestling with how to target different age groups, men and woman, and other customer identifiers. Though this may seem a bit challenging, it will ensure that you do not narrow your EDDM campaigns messaging to a small group of people, which defeats the purpose of EDDM.


Bottom Line: What is EDDM and Is it Right For You?

EDDM can be an effective way to get new customers while keeping your costs down. Though many consider the lack of personalization a drawback, the goal is to get your name in front of as many people as possible. This is perfect for those that just started a new business and are not well known yet, or for businesses looking to up their brand awareness in their area.

For more information or to determine if EDDM is the best marketing strategy for your business with these principles and common use cases in mind. It could take your brand awareness to the next level and help you increase your business with new customers – and the pros here at One Stop Mail are happy to help you! Know what you want? Request a quote here.