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Data and Direct Mail: The Marketing Dynamic Duo

Direct mail remains as one of the most rewarding marketing assets…
Direct_Mail_Campaign benefits of digital printing

Direct Mail: A Dominating Force for Political Campaigns

    Digital marketing is currently the hot ticket…

Direct Mail Tracking Methods

The success of a direct marketing campaign depends on whether it delivered its goals, including the number of conversions, new customer acquisitions, or revenue. Without a definitive incentive or variety of direct mail tracking methods, it's not possible to determine whether the strategies, tactics and deployment of the campaign met the objectives. Learn how to track direct marketing results so you can adopt the methods or reject them, so you ca have winning campaigns.

Learn to Entice Customers with these Irresistible Offer Examples

A successful marketing campaign relies on an exceptional offer. You can create a lead magnet, tripwire or standard promotion; the incentives you promote can entice a prospect to become a client. To learn how to create a winning offer, review irresistible offer examples so you can deploy the type of campaign that provides a great return on your investment of time and money.

The Advantages of Direct Marketing Versus Branding

As you build a marketing campaign, you will have at least one key objective in mind. This is important for several reasons, including measuring how effective your campaign is in reaching your goal. As you're questioning about how to reach your goals, you may ask yourself about the advantages of direct marketing for reaching your goals ad what rewards branding will bring? Read on and learn more.
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Variable Data Printing VDP Brings The Best Of Both Worlds To Direct Mail Marketing

offline advertising has lagged significantly behind online advertising in this area. Most forms of offline ads are so mass-market that they really cannot be customized. TV stations can't selectively beam ads on a per-viewer basis, or make billboards that change depending on the cars passing beneath. However, the exception to this is in the field of direct mail marketing, which still outperforms digital marketing. Thanks to Variable Data Printing VDP, it's now possible -and affordable- for direct mail campaigns to be just as personalized as email campaigns!

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