saturation mailing lists hero image

How to Choose Between EDDM, Targeted, or Saturation Mailing Lists for Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Learn the differences, pros, and cons of the three most common direct marketing list selections: EDDM, targeted, and saturation mailing lists
direct mail ideas woman in the coach opening mail

8 Knock Out Direct Mail Ideas to Kick Off a Prosperous 2022

A curated collection of the most effective direct mail ideas to jumpstart the new year, wow your audiences, and build your business in 2022.
Acquiring major donors with direct mail

How to Use Direct Mail Fundraising Campaigns to Acquire New Donors

Not getting the results you’d like to see, or not sure how to collate a mailing list? Here are some tips for using direct mail fundraising campaigns to acquire new donors.
bulk mail company

How Can a Bulk Mail Company Dramatically Increase Your Sales?

Mail has a high “likeability” factor and gets better returns than emails alone. Learn how a bulk mail company can position your products to attract more sales.
direct mail marketing envelopes

5 “Open Me!” Tactics for Direct Mail Marketing Envelopes

Savvy business owners know how envelopes convey mystery, pique curiosity, boost fun and excitement so customers can’t wait to open them.
customized mailing lists

Use Customized Mailing Lists for Massive Results

Marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and costly. Learn why personalization in marketing matters and how well-researched mailing lists get you massive results.

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