Digital And Print Go Together Hand-in-Hand

These days, the choice shouldn’t be digital OR print in small business marketing.  If you have any offline presence at all, some of the most effective advertisements are printed materials with rich digital integration.

It’s the best of both worlds.  Printed advertising has strong return rates, including youth, as well as being more engaging than purely digital ads.  However, print can still be tied into your digital strategies as well as inviting further direct participation from the recipient.

Combine Digital And Print For Great Small Business Marketing

1 – Use digital print services.

Effective print/digital crossover requires the ability to customize each mailer that’s sent out with individual elements.  This can only be done effectively through digital print services.  Traditional presses can’t handle that level of personalization.

2 – Get QR code creation software.

QR codes are one of the most versatile ways to integrate digital materials into print.  Customers are used to scanning codes with their cell phones, and there are a variety of activities that can be triggered with a quick scan.

There are numerous free services online to generate them.  Or, professional-quality software can also customize each code so that you know which exact customers responded and integrate that data into your CMS.

3 – Direct product lookups.

Are there products on display in the ad?  Include a QR code that points the customer straight to the product’s webpage.  Or, use a social media site like Pinterest or Instagram to create a page devoted to pictures of it.

4 – Link to a video.

Video is the most popular online activity, and people can’t get enough of ’em.  Use the printed ad like a teaser, such as starting to tell a story and then saying the recipient needs to see it to believe it.  This is also good for more technical products where a detailed explanation is needed.

5 – Free downloads.

Digital freebies work just as well as physical gifts.  These could be ebooks, movies, songs, graphic design project files, photo galleries, iOS or Android apps.  Any kind of file can be attached to a QR code for download.

6 – Data tracking.

However you utilize them, be sure you track the response rate to all your offers.  That gives you more feedback on your target audience’s tastes and preferences, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies further.

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