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For a long time, matters like “branding” and “image-building” were largely seen in marketing as the province of the largest businesses.  Coca-Cola cares about “positioning,” but why should Bob’s Corner Store worry about such things?  Smaller and local businesses are simply focused on local traffic, right — so why should you be concerned about branding in your direct mail graphic design?

Well, it’s not that simple any more.  For one thing, there are more local businesses who are finding a larger -or even global- market, simply by providing niche products which can’t be found elsewhere.   And with more customers using the Internet to research local purchases, that means even small businesses have to “step up their game” to compete in marketing.

Proper direct mail graphic design, and brand design elements applied to products, materials, and website will go a long way towards building your brand, no matter how large or small your business is.

4 Clear Ways Graphic Design Matters To Every Business

1 – Logos Build Brand Recognition

For whatever service you offer, there are probably many other alternatives that shoppers can choose from, especially when online marketing is taken into consideration.   Having a good logo, one which is attractive and easily-recognizable, means more people will be looking for you rather than simply looking for a service like yours.

Bob’s Corner Store, by itself, is effectively identical to any other gas station, as far as a visitor is concerned.  A good logo helps Bob stand out from all the competition, and helps customers remember him.

2 – Corporate Focus

A unified brand + color scheme works much like a uniform, except it can “clothe” every part of your business – not just your employees!  In some cases, the color scheme alone can often identify a business.  Companies like John Deere will sometimes even trademark specific shades of color, to solidify that connection.

After all, who would want a yellow John Deere?

Using the same color scheme across all your operations brings true uniformity in the eyes of customers.  It indicates that you’re a business that knows “who you are,” and can present a unified front to the world.

Likewise, when your workers or employees are out in force, all wearing identical colors, that shows a unity within your business.

3 – Effective Visual Aids

Graphic design also goes beyond simple logos and color schemes, to encompass pretty much every element of your operations.  This extends from extremely simple aids, like the signage in your store, to very complex design problems like crafting a website.

A clear, well-designed sign can lead your customers effectively around your store.  A clear, well-designed online portal leads them through your website.  In both cases, good visual design improves the effectiveness of these, whereas poor design can be confusing, or could even drive away customers.

4 – One-and-Done Saves Money

Occasionally we see businesses who commission new logos or designs every year, or sometimes every few months.  These businesses are ultimately wasting large amounts of cash by reinventing the wheel, repeatedly.  Often, it’s because they don’t want to pay for good designers, so they have a succession of mediocre or unsuccessful designs.

It’s worth the investment to hire a real graphic designer to provide a good visual design for your shop, logo, and online offerings.  That’s an investment that can pay off for decades, or even longer.

Ever wonder how much Coca-Cola paid for their logo initially?  It’s undergone remarkably few redesigns in over a century.  Someone got a real bargain there.

Remember Your Visual Design!

No matter what your business does, or who you target, good graphic design makes a world of difference.  A small expense now will give you a true business asset that pays off over many years.


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