Direct Mail Postcards Are Cost Effective!

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest way to get your message out to a wide segment of the public, especially a segment based on local geography, there’s often no better option than standard direct mail postcards.  When ordered in bulk, each only costs a few cents -or less- to print and mail, making them the most cost-effective option for mass terrestrial messaging.

Beyond that, postcards feature several advantages over more-expensive and more-complex options for mailers which make them a unique opportunity for reaching out to people.

The Many Benefits Of Simple Direct Mail Postcards

1 – It’s Short And Sweet

Consumers and buyers are constantly pressed for time, and may not be able to spend time with a piece of mail, even if they might otherwise be interested in its message.  Postcards have no “fluff.”  The message is clear and can be consumed in a moment or two.

2 – Your Message Is Always Seen

Post cards don’t have to be opened, so nearly everyone receiving a postcard will at least glance at the front and back.  When the message is so short, that means you can assume an impression for nearly all of the post cards you send out.

3 – Guaranteed Delivery

Unlike most other forms of direct-contact advertising, such as telemarketing or commercial email, there are no relevant laws governing the sending and receiving of commercial postcards.  They can be freely sent to anyone and everyone in a given area, without fear of breaking any regulations.

4 – Direct-Response Options

It’s simple to set up a postcard that can be returned by the recipient, and that opens up a wealth of new options.  It’s a good way to package a quick customer-satisfaction survey, or to gather a bit of extra market research in exchange for a coupon book.

Or, use the postcard to pre-screen suitability for more extensive materials.  If the postcard has a “send this back for more information” option, you can quickly build a mailing list of truly interested respondents.

5 – QR Codes Or Other Barcodes

A simple postcard could be the gateway to far more materials, with nothing more than a click of the user’s smartphone.  Digital postcard printing allows for per-recipient custom QR Codes which deliver comprehensive digital materials, while telling you exactly which recipients responded to the offer.

6 – Delivering Fun Content

One interesting application we’ve seen for postcards lately is using them to deliver content with only a minimal marketing message.  “Quote of the Week” postcards, for example, or a running series of word/logic puzzles.  You might be surprised at how much response you get from branded postcards which don’t advertise, but simply seek to add a little fun to someone’s day.

You Get A Lot From Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards should be a cornerstone of any direct mail strategy.  They’re cheap, effective, versatile, and guaranteed to be seen by virtually every recipient.   They’re more likely to be seen than emails, and invite response more readily than closed-envelope mailers.

To learn more about the benefits of direct mail postcards, just contact One Stop Mail.  We’ll help you create the perfect design that reaches out to everyone on your mailing list!

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