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Every Door Direct Mail – New Expanded Features!


If your company currently uses direct mail, the US Postal Service has a great tool to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Or if you’re not currently doing mail campaigns, this may give you an added incentive to give direct mail a try.

It’s called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and it adds significant ability to research and customize your mail delivery before even finalizing the mailer.  And the best part is, it’s totally free to use, aside from the standard postal fees, of course.

How The USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program Is A Game-Changer

EDDM is a mapping tool that gives you direct access to every postal route the USPS runs in America, along with substantial demographic information about each neighborhood.  You begin by inputting a ZIP code, which brings up a map you can mouseover, with individual routes highlighted.

For each route, you can see:

  • Number of business residential recipients
  • Options to screen for only businesses or residences
  • Customizable age ranges as a percentage of total mailboxes
  • Average household income
  • Average household size
  • The costs to place a standard-sized mailer in each box, at $0.183 per

Then, once you’ve picked your route(s), you receive a Facing Slip form to include with your mailing materials.  Take them to your post office or drop off point, pay your postage, and you’re done.

Effectively, the EDDM can completely eliminate any need to purchase mailing lists.  A few minutes’ research can quickly identify the best routes in your area to target, along with an estimate of the costs involved.  There simply is no easier way to build such lists without purchasing them from outside parties.

It also opens up an opportunity to micro-target your campaigns on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.  You could easily create several mailers, each targeting a different area, demographic, or income range, and attach separate EDDM instruction forms for each.  For this reason, we’d highly recommend exploring the EDDM before finalizing your mailers.  Remember: The more personally-relevant a piece of direct mail is to each recipient, the more likely they are to explore it.

With the USPS facing stiff competition from other carriers, as well as other marketing methods, this is a brilliant move that keeps them relevant to the industry.  It gives smaller and locally-focused businesses even more reason to get into direct mailing.

If You’re Still On The Fence…

…just try it out for yourself.  The website is completely public and available for you to experiment with.  You might be surprised at just how easy it is, and just how affordable a bulk-mailing can be.

Or if you have more questions about how EDDM can be worked into your own direct mail campaigns quickly and affordably, just contact the experts here at OneStopMail with your questions.

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