Marketing by Mail for Businesses Open During Pandemic

Marketing by Mail During a Pandemic

During this “Slow-Down” What’s the Best Tactic?

It has been an unprecedented year.  The global pandemic has forced businesses in every industry and of all sizes to re-think how they conduct business and present themselves in a safe, yet effective way.  Marketing by mail is a tactic that is perfect for the current global situation.

Although most businesses have seen a decline in sales and revenue, now is not the time to cut back on your marketing budget.  Successful businesses, navigating these turbulent times are still reaching out to current and potential customers.

Your Target Audience is Home

Most of us are stuck at home during the pandemic.  That means we’re more likely to be around to grab our mail and look at it – it may even be the only source of fresh entertainment these days.

Prior to the pandemic, it may have been 3-4 days between trips to the mailbox.  These days, 37% more of your customers are excited to receive their mail daily and 30% more are reading the marketing materials compared to before the pandemic.

Because people are mostly indoors at home and looking for things to do, now is a great opportunity to put your business in front of your loyal customers and new prospects.  Marketing  by mail allows you to communicate with your customers that you are open, safe and what services you’re currently providing.

For new prospects, you can offer the same communication but maybe add a special or offer to get them to try your service for the first time.

It’s a Great Time for Home Upgrades

Not only is your target audience stuck at home, they’re also stuck looking at the original cabinets they’ve been considering replacing or dreaming of the pool in the backyard they’ve yet to pull the trigger on.  With more and more people at home, consumers are open to investing and making changes to their homes.

Catch them at this opportune time with an attractive postcard that showcases your high-quality work to further entice them to make a buying decision. Use your direct mail marketing dollars to provide a gentle nudge to make the changes they’ve been dreaming about for the past few months.

Marketing by Mail Puts You Ahead of Your Competition

Marketing, especially through the mail, is a numbers game.  The more you can stay in front of your customers and prospects, the better off your business will be long-term.

One of the biggest mistakes your business can make right now is cutting back on marketing and falling behind your competition.  Instead, stay ahead of the competition by constantly communicating and maintaining or even increasing your ad budget.

Unfortunately, many businesses have had to close their doors leaving their loyal customer bases open and available.  Make sure you’re first in the mailbox to these potential new customers.

Don’t just be first in the mailbox, truly stand out and grab attention!  Now would be a great time to explore new ways to market your business through direct mail whether it be a larger mail piece or including personalized, variable data. For more information on how to stand out from the competition, check out these pro tips. 

Remain Recognizable and Build Your Brand

Now is the perfect time to get prospects familiar with your brand.  Again, because your prospects are mostly at home, your reach can increase and you can really hammer home your messaging to people.

In all likelihood, a new customer isn’t going to walk into your business after the first direct mail piece they receive.  However, if you reach out to them multiple times in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, you’ll move closer to helping them make a buying decision with you.  Use a catchy offer or a colorful postcard to stand out and make your brand memorable.

Talk About How You Keep Customers Safe

Now more than ever, it is important to communicate with your customers and prospects about safety of your business and its practices.  Consumers need to know whether it’s safe to have you in their home or when they visit your store.  Communicating your policy on masks, social distancing and safety protocols will go a long way in building trust and loyalty from your customers.

Final Thoughts

We don’t advocate that you leverage a bad situation for gain – but, right now there’s an opportunity for you to be the solution for a stuck-at-home-client. One Stop Mail has all of the resources, from start to finish, to help your business achieve your goals.

Whether your goal is to drive up sales and ROI or simply keep in touch with your customers, now is a great time to spend on direct mail marketing and finish 2020 strong! Call 602-233-3003 to get started on your successful campaign, today.

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