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Welcome back!  This is Part 2 in our ongoing series exploring many of the lesser-used options in marketing when businesses uses a digital printing company.  (You can find Part 1 here.)

Digital printing has revolutionized print marketing in many ways, as well as re-energizing some older forms of advertisements which had previously been seen as passe‘ thanks to the outdated technologies behind them.  However, with today’s digital print options, there’s a new world of options for reaching out through printed mediums.

So, we have some more ideas you might be able to employ to kickstart your local marketing campaigns.

Five Great Ways To Use A Digital Printing Company For Marketing


1 – Floor Graphics

Sure, we know all about putting advertisements on walls or hanging them from the ceiling, but have you considered the possibilities beneath your feet?  Even the most confident person looks down to reorient themselves from time to time, and many walk around with their gazes locked downward.

Digitally-printed vinyl floor graphics can add pizzazz to any room, without harming the flooring underneath.  It’s an advertising option everyone will see.

2 – Event Tickets

Who doesn’t want a Golden Ticket?  From trade show raffles to five-star VIP dinners, great event tickets are one of those “little touches” from a professional digital printing company that can make a business stand out.  With variable data printing, incremented numbers are a cinch, and they could even be personalized with data for each recipient.

A great ticket, by itself, can help get people excited about your events.

3 – Outdoor Flags

What’s the oldest form of advertising on Earth?  A good argument could be made for flags – and with modern digitally printed dye-sublimation printing, they’re better than ever.  The vibrant graphics of feather flags can be seen clearly even in broad daylight, and they can go just about anywhere.  In many towns, they can even be placed on street-side fixtures like light posts.

From exhibition runways to flanking your billboards, flags are an under-utilized option that are primed for a comeback.

4 – Custom Note Pads

Want more low-tech options for your older (or hipster) markets?  There’s still loads of people in the world who prefer the simplicity and convenience of pocket-sized note pads.  Even better, today’s notepads can be printed with full four-color digital printing processes.  Or, create a legal-sized notepad complete with letterhead on top for more official purposes.

Either way, it’s a form of advertising that the recipients will see every time they pull it out.

5 – Magnets

Speaking of older marketing forms that are ready to come back, have you thought of magnets lately?  Even if the magnet-covered refrigerator is a relic of the eighties, magnets are another form of marketing which can go practically anywhere.  They can come in a range of sizes, from business-card sized on up, and in virtually any shape or design imaginable.

They keep your marketing message front and center for a long time, and can be printed to display useful information, such as calendars or lists of phone numbers.  Full-color photos are another option, made possible when you choose a digital printing company.

Or, think about car magnets!  They’re only slightly more expensive than vinyl decals, while being far easier to apply and remove.  It’s a great option for livery on cars which aren’t dedicated fleet vehicles.

Don’t Let Digital Be Your Sole Focus

Just because there are so many new options in digital marketing doesn’t mean print marketing is antiquated.  If anything, with people staring at devices all day, real-world marketing makes even more of an impression thanks to the novelty.

Got ideas for a new campaign?  Contact OneStopMail for a quote on custom print and mail delivery services.

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Updated 12.01.20


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