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More Possibilities In Digital Printing Services, Part 1

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It’s easy to neglect real-world advertising and outreach when there are so many new and trendy ways of engaging in e-marketing.  However, while electronic media have gotten all the press, digital printing service options have been continuing to get ever-better.

Digital printing now offers numerous new options for getting your message out, and physical media is still one of the most effective forms of local outreach you can engage in.  So, we wanted to write a few blogs highlighting some of the lesser-used forms of printed marketing, in hopes of giving you new ideas for your local campaigns.

5 Options In Digital Printing Service In Local Marketing

1 – Greeting Cards / Announcement Cards

Who says you have to get cards from Hallmark?  Greeting cards in their envelopes have a distinctive size and shape that makes them instantly eye catching and virtually guarantees they’ll be one of the first pieces of mail the recipient opens.

Digital printing makes it simple to custom-craft greeting cards and print them on that easily-recognizable cardboard stock.  The cards can be personalized, per recipient, with their name or other variable data.  Custom birthday cards for customers are even an option.

2 – Mounted Canvas Prints

Want to make sure your posters stand out?  Make them look like art.  A digital printing service can print directly to canvas, potentially with artistic filters to make it look even more like a genuine painting.  These are usually put into a frame and hung.

Beyond posters, they can be a great gift for your most important clients, or just an affordable way to have a portrait of your founder hanging in the business lobby.

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3 – Custom Roll Labels

What can’t you do with stickers?  From pure local advertising, like sticking them in windows, to creating eye-grabbing labels for your in-store products, custom roll labels are incredibly versatile.  They can be added to virtually any packaging or mailer to give it additional visual appeal.

They’re available in just about any sizeshape, and can be made from a variety of materials including semi-gloss paper, clear plastic, white plastic, or eggshell felt for extra texture.  Removablerestickable backing is another option, which is great for customer giveaways.


4 – Custom Banners

Think outdoor banners are a passe relic of the 70s and 80s?  They’ve been given new life thanks to digital print processes.  Full-color high-resolution printing makes banners that are as eye-catching as billboards, without the faded look associated with traditionally-printed banners.  Full weatherproofing means they can be anywhere, indoors or out, and potentially last for years without needing replacement.

Banners are another form of advertising which can go anywhere, and can be especially effective for trade show appearances.  When you’re trying to stand out in a noisy room with a hundred other vendors, big and vibrant banners remain one of the best options.

5 – Custom Calendars

What’s the most overlooked form of marketing, in terms of impressions per-day and per-dollar?  We’d make an argument for calendars.  If you can get one of your calendars into the hands of a customer or client, it provides truly year-round promotion.  Plus, there are still plenty of people who rely on physical calendars, especially nice desk calendars.  They have an “always on / always there” quality that makes them far more convenient than electronic calendars.

365-day, monthly, and year-at-a-glance one-sheets are all options here, with plenty of space available for promotional messaging, logos, photos, or phone numbers, along with useful elements like note-taking space or FAQ lists.

Getting Inspired?

Digital Printing service opens up entirely new fields of printed materials for your outreach.  Stay tuned for more ideas next month! And, if you;re ready to get going on a digital printing service project, contact One Stop Mail or call 602.932.0365.

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Updated 12.01.20

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