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Direct Digital Printing Allows For Creative Marketing Outreach

Welcome back!  This is part three in our series of articles highlighting some of the less-known or less-often used products that can be produced with direct digital printing services.  (Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.)

There’s no need for more buildup; let’s just get right into more great ideas for integrating digital print into your marketing and outreach!

Six More Ways Direct Digital Printing Can Help You Build Your Business



Business Cards

Nothing makes a great first impression like a great business card, and digital printing -on a wide variety of card stocks- can make your card better than ever.  Direct digital printing allows for the brightest colors and the highest-resolution images of any business card printing method, creating cards that truly pop.  

And the sky is the limit in terms of size, shape, and material.  If a traditional printer can create the card, a digital printer can do it better.

Flyers / Postcards

Flyers and postcards are a great medium for outreach since they can go almost anywhere.  From direct-mailing them, to handing them out at trade shows, to stacking them at local cafes where leads might gather, they’re among the most versatile of all printed outreach materials.

Also, direct digital printing allows them to be integrated into your digital marketing and tracking systems.  They can include coupon codes, scannable QR barcodes, customized URLs, and more online-focused features which allow you to directly track their spread and impact.

Hang Tags

Hang tags aren’t only for clothing, although that’s certainly where they’re most often seen.  Customized hang tags can be added to most products, and can be created from a variety of materials.  Beyond simple cardboard tags, options such as plastic keychains, stickers, or magnets are also options.

They’re a great way to add additional information, details, or instructions to a product without cluttering up the main packaging.  The vibrant colors of digital printing can make them eye-catching, and potentially even a value-added bonus buyers could want along with the main product purchased.

Temporary Indoor – Outdoor Signs

Why spend big bucks on a sign you only need for a month?

Rigid Coroplast is a durable plastic-based material which is waterproof and able to stand up to the elements for extended periods, but is fundamentally disposable and far more affordable than permanent sign materials.  It’s perfect for seasonal signs you may only display for a few weeks, or even for shorter-term projects like advertising a major clearance sale.  Coroplast stores well too, and can usually be reused several years in row.

Either way, digital printing allows coroplast to be just as attractive and eye-grabbing as far more expensive signs, making it a great all-around option.

Announcement Cards

The combination of custom-printed announcement cards and customized envelopes is perfect for making events at your business into major affairs!  Whether you’re mass-mailing them, or only sending them to select VIPs and or the press, they’re attention-grabbing and make occasions seem truly special.  

Magnets are an option here as well, allowing recipients to hang them so they’re reminded when your next big event is on the horizon.

Bumper Stickers

The venerable bumper sticker is a form of mass outreach that’s withstood the test of time, and modern vinyl printing techniques make them more user-friendly than ever.  They are perfect for a wide variety of placements beyond car bumpers.  Bright colors and graphics ensure they grab eyes, even with other distractions on the road.

So, there are even more ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.  Stay tuned for the next blog, coming soon!

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Updated 12.01.20

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