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Top 3 Inexpensive Marketing Mailing Lists to Target New Customers 

The concept of “cheap direct mail” is flawed in that you can always find ways to save money on direct mail but you often do so at the cost of results. So the real question to ask yourself isn’t how to save money on mail advertising, but where it makes sense to save money without losing possible revenue.

We review and get into the nitty-gritty details of the three types of inexpensive mailing lists that don’t sacrifice results.

3 “Cheap” Marketing Mailing Lists

Each of these options provides cost savings in its own way and may be a perfect fit for a direct mail campaign while not breaking the bank.

Saturation List

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A saturation list is exactly what it sounds like. A list of addresses with zip codes that encompasses a radius around a particular location and “saturate” or mail to every address. This list is for businesses that want to attract new customers in a particular area but don’t need to target specific criteria. These are best used when your campaign can apply to a wide range of people.

In addition to being an inexpensive mailing list to procure, perhaps the biggest advantage of saturation lists is that they have the lowest postage rate. Direct mail sent using saturation lists requires minimal sorting at the post office and is efficient to deliver, lowering the cost to send. Typically, the postage cost is between 8 and 14 cents per piece using a saturation list.

New Homeowner / Just Moved List

Mailing to new homeowners is a great way to get in front of an audience that is ready to spend money and needs specific services to personalize their home. Every new homeowner wants to make their new house their own whether it be shutters, blinds, storage, kitchen/bathroom remodels, and much more. Or they need new services in their new neighborhood like restaurants, dentists, pest control, or pool services/landscape.

Ariel photograph of neighborhood with housesJust moved mailing lists are not the cheapest lists up front. However, they are extremely effective. These lists are very targeted and achieve good results, providing a high return on investment.

As a low-cost solution to direct mail using just moved mailing lists, One Stop Mail offers an all-inclusive New Mover Mailer Program for direct mail campaigns of 1,000 pieces (250 weekly) or more. Position yourself as one of the first businesses into the home and receive new leads weekly. This recurring schedule lowers your direct mail costs while increasing brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Consumer List

Some businesses may require an audience that meets specific sets of criteria. When considering a consumer marketing mailing list, think about things like household income, children, or the age of residents in the household. These lists are ideal for businesses targeting a specific type of consumer.

The cost of a consumer list depends on the type and amount of customer criteria that you purchase. Basic demographic information is often included in a consumer list or added at a very low cost to achieve a more targeted list. You can then include additional specialized criteria you are interested in, such as education or occupation. It will cost more, but those extra specific criteria will produce better responses.

How to Choose an Audience

The first and arguably most important box to check when developing a successful direct mail campaign is determining your target audience. You can design the most engaging mail piece, but if it isn’t mailed to the appropriate prospects, the likelihood of receiving any calls or clicks to your website drops dramatically. The right marketing mailing lists maximize the success of your campaign.

There are critical steps to take before you take the step to rent or buy mailing lists. To get the desired outcome, determine who will respond to your product, service, or special offer.

Perhaps your ideal customers are the ones you already have. Maybe your ideal customer is slightly different than your current base. Either way, it’s best to think about what demographics make up your ideal customer.

Jot down a list of characteristics like:

  • Pie chart with three colors and people standing in each section.Household income
  • Homeowner or new homeowner
  • Single, married or divorced
  • Children or no children
    • Number of children
    • Age of children
  • Do they live in a specific neighborhood with certain home values?
    • How long have they lived there?
    • What amenities does the home have (like a pool)?

All of these factors play into the right targeted mailing list you can use to attract new ideal customers. These traits will help determine the type of marketing mailing lists to use.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve selected the best type of list for your direct mail campaign, personalize your mailer for the best results. Use the names and consider the specific criteria of your mailing list to inform the design of your direct mail pieces and engage customers.

If you’re addressing a new homeowner, congratulate them on their new home. If your list is households with children, highlight kids in some way whether through imagery or special offers. If your mailing list provides the prospects’ names, use variable data printing to personalize mail pieces with their first name. Personalization in a mail piece only strengthens your chances of the person reading your mail and taking action. 

We Can Help

If you don’t have an internal marketing team to design your next direct mail campaign from start to finish, turn to One Stop Mail – we do all the heavy lifting for you.  From professional, eye-catching design and inexpensive mailing lists to data services and deploying your mailings, you can depend on One Stop Mail to deliver outstanding results and help you stand out in the mailbox.  Call 602-233-3003 to get started on your successful campaign, today.