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What are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

You have a lot of options in the Arizona area for having custom print jobs done.  Why hire a group with digital printers on-site?  Because you can get better, more vibrant prints made with more customization than could ever be done at traditional facilities! The print world is going digital for good reason.  Even if you only have small batches, the benefits of digital printing include both cost-effective and superior to most manual methods.

5 Great Benefits of Digital Printing

1 – Fast Turnaround

Digital printing facilities require far less labor to reconfigure themselves for jobs.  Largely, the “assembly” and layout simply takes place on a computer screen, before being sent straight to the printers.

In most cases, you can get your order within 24-48 hours.  For businesses trying to keep up with the fast-changing flow of information, that sort of turnaround means getting your materials in front of people in a truly timely manner.

2 – Plenty Of Options In Shapes And Sizes

Traditional printers are often limited by the dies and designs that they have on-hand.  A digital printer, however, can quickly create printed materials in virtually any shape or size, including:

  • Booklets
  • Newsletters
  • One-sheets
  • Mailers
  • Folded Invitations
  • Gum-Backed Stickers And Labels
  • Brochures
  • Even Door Hangers!

No matter the shape or size, the benefits of digital printing includes delivering what you need quickly and easily.

3 – Cost-Effective Small Batches

One of the biggest barriers to traditional printing are the setup costs:  Creating a template and layout, and setting up the physical machinery to duplicate it.  This often makes smaller batches prohibitively expensive, since those setup costs are unavoidable regardless of batch size.

Since digital print jobs are far easier to design and prepare, it means that smaller or even micro-batches become an option.  Rather than sending the same mailer to an entire area, you could break it up into several smaller, better-focused campaigns.

4 – Variable Data

Here’s a feature of digital printing that is effectively impossible for traditional printers:  Each individual piece printed can be customized using variable fields, filled in from a customer database.  Elements such as the recipient’s name, neighborhood, interests, or virtually any other data can be inserted on a piece-by-piece basis.

This allows for print jobs that are vastly more customized and personalized than a traditional printer could hope to deliver.  And with a buying public that’s becoming ever-more accustomed to personalization online, they’re coming to expect that in their offline interactions as well.

Digital printing brings the flexibility of email promotions to the physical world.

5 – Embedded Tracking / Response Codes

Here’s another feature you can’t get from a traditional printer:  Embedded, or even customized, QR Codes and other barcodes.   These form a vital link between your offline and online marketing materials.  A QR Code can lead the reader straight from your mailer to your website, for example, with just a quick click of their smartphone.

Plus, since those codes can be personalized, it means you can start tracking your mailer response on a truly individual basis.  If John Smith scans his QR Code, but Jane Doe doesn’t, you’ll know.

So, digital printing can also boost your data-based analytics and campaign performance tracking.  This crossover of physical and digital brings you the best of both worlds.

Go Digital For Your Next Print Project

If you’re still using traditional printers, it may be time to think bigger.  A great digital printing facility can offer superior products, faster turnaround, and data-integration options that are simply impossible for last century’s printing techniques.

For consultation or a free estimate, contact One Stop Mail today for the details!


Updated 11.20.20

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