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What Goes into Direct Mail Advertising Costs

A company’s success requires a steady flow of new customers and a direct mail marketing campaign can help you replenish customers who’ve left. But, will you reap enough profit to make the cost and time worth it? Discover how to calculate the direct mail advertising costs and compare them to expected results to decide for yourself.
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What is Offset Printing and How Can it Help Your Business Grow? 

Consistent colors and clean-looking prints are hallmarks of offset printing. Because of this, offset printing is the most common option for high volume commercial jobs, such as brochures, posters, newsletters, booklets and trade-show agenda. And the industry is expected to grow, which can mean advances that create even better quality products at a reasonable price.
Effective Direct Mail Tracking

Effective Direct Mail: The Benefits of Tracking Your Results

When you design an effective direct mail campaign to get more sales or to build awareness, you don’t have to be anxious and wait for an increase in calls or sales if you track your results. When you measure the results, you’ll know when sales roll in and if your campaign was successful. 
4 Ps of Direct Mail Advertising

The 4 P’s of Direct Mail Advertising

While the marketing world has its own 4 P’s of marketing, we in the direct mail advertising corner of the industry have our own “mix”. Our 4 P’s - People, Print, Preparation and Postage - also promote your products or brand to customers and prospects! Learn the industry leading formula for a successful direct mail advertising campaign at One Stop Mail with the 4P’s of Direct Mail Marketing.
Marketing by Mail for Businesses Open During Pandemic

Marketing by Mail During a Pandemic

With the global slowdown caused by the pandemic, why bother marketing? Actually, it’s the best time, especially when you’re marketing by mail. Learn all of the reasons why you should reach your current customers and targeted prospects so you can help your customers – and business – make the most out of this pandemic. Read on.
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Top 3 Inexpensive Marketing Mailing Lists to Target New Customers 

Finding the right marketing mailing list is critical to having a successful direct mail campaign. Taking the time to choose the right target audience for your business or call to action can save you ample amounts of time and money. One Stop Mail has a team of experts who can help your business find the right targeted marketing mailing list at affordable prices.

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