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Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing – Learn the Difference

When comparing offset printing vs. digital printing, there's no single answer to which option is "better."  Each technology has its own advantages and areas in which it excels. For more than 100 years, offset printing was the standard.  It's called offset because ink isn't applied directly to the final product.  An aluminum or rubber plate is used as a go-between, holding the ink when paper is placed against it. Digital is growing in popularity because it is budget friendly and can easily accommodate small print runs. Read on to learn how to make the right choice.

Grow Your Business with Mailing Services

The cheapest and most widely-seen marketing tactics is also the one that's most over-looked: simple, yet powerful postal mailing services. There's so much competition on the web, on t.v., and even radio, that a targeted, colorful mailer with a great offer and compelling message could win you new business. Learn all of the reasons you should include direct mail in your marketing campaign.
Direct_Mail_Campaign benefits of digital printing

What are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

 A great digital printing facility offers superior products, faster turnaround, and data-integration options that are now possible with new technology and without large presses. The benefits of digital printing include the ability to affordably customize mailings, newsletters, catalogs and other print medium to reach prospective customers. Imagine the unlimited possibilities!

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