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Direct Marketing Tips for Writing Sensational Copy

Let's get back to the basics:  How to write effective marketing materials.  Some of this may sound familiar since the basics of copy have been known at least as far back as the "Mad Men" era, but it's still good to remember that many of those techniques are still totally relevant today.
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Every Door Direct Mail – New Expanded Features!

  If your company currently uses direct mail, the US…

Postcards Are Still One Of The Most Cost-Effective Methods Of Outreach

There are so many different ways of reaching out to customers…

Digital And Print Go Together Hand-in-Hand

These days, the choice shouldn't be digital OR print in small…
Retro_Mail_Works print media

Even In A Digital Age, Retro Print Media Still Works!

Embracing the latest-and-greatest tech is often a good way to attract new customers.  But there are people in this world who appreciate and value print media.  Plus, with new printing techniques, print media is affordable, and great for targeting specific geographic territories and demographic groups.

Plan Ahead Before Using a Variable Data Printing Process!

Get the best outcomes from your direct mail marketing by using the proven tactics related to a variable data printing process. By planning ahead, following the steps and relying on expert print and mail list vendor like One Stop Mail, your return on investment from future campaigns can be worth the extra time and effort. Don't let your next campaign get deployed without taking the steps to ensure your variable data printing process is executed perfectly.

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