4 Ps of Direct Mail Advertising

The 4 P’s of Direct Mail Advertising

While the marketing world has its own 4 P’s of marketing, we in the direct mail advertising corner of the industry have our own “mix”. Our 4 P’s - People, Print, Preparation and Postage - also promote your products or brand to customers and prospects! Learn the industry leading formula for a successful direct mail advertising campaign at One Stop Mail with the 4P’s of Direct Mail Marketing.
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More Possibilities in Direct Digital Printing, Part 3

Effective and affordable marketing methods are uncommon, but a traditional tactic can deliver both in big results and cost efficiency. Direct digital printing allows business owners to target multiple audiences with offers that are crafted directly for them to magnify the possibility that they will act and buy. Thanks to technology, this tactic is easy to execute and affordable. Look into this effective strategy for your direct mail.
Digital Printing Service Ideas

More Possibilities In Digital Printing Services, Part 1

Digital printing service now offers many new options for getting your message out. Physical media is still one of the most effective forms of local outreach and these recent blogs highlight some of the lesser-used forms of printed marketing, in hopes of giving you new ideas to employ in your local campaigns.
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More Possibilities for a Digital Printing Company, Part 2

The service a digital printing company provides has revolutionized print marketing and re-energizing some older forms of advertisements which had previously thought to be old-fashioned. But, discarding the outdated technologies behind them doesn't mean you throw out effective marketing methods, too.  With today's digital print options, there are new techniques for reaching out through print!
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What are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

 A great digital printing facility offers superior products, faster turnaround, and data-integration options that are now possible with new technology and without large presses. The benefits of digital printing include the ability to affordably customize mailings, newsletters, catalogs and other print medium to reach prospective customers. Imagine the unlimited possibilities!
Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing – Learn the Difference

When comparing offset printing vs. digital printing, there's no single answer to which option is "better."  Each technology has its own advantages and areas in which it excels. For more than 100 years, offset printing was the standard.  It's called offset because ink isn't applied directly to the final product.  An aluminum or rubber plate is used as a go-between, holding the ink when paper is placed against it. Digital is growing in popularity because it is budget friendly and can easily accommodate small print runs. Read on to learn how to make the right choice.

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