Direct Mail Design Templates To Download

Are you ready for the exact print specifications for your next direct mail campaign? We’ve got you covered with USPS-compliant postcard, envelope and flyer templates. Download one of these print-ready direct mail design templates provided by the One Stop Mail experts. And just for good measure, we’ve included a business card template to download as well.

Help get your marketing on track and make it more efficient when you use these convenient formatted files that meet the exacting specifications of USPS mailpiece design requirements.

Direct Mail Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Can’t find the size you or what you’re looking for? We’re happy to help! Contact your direct mail specialist at 602-233-3003.

Direct Mail Design Templates

Postcard Mailers

5.5″ x 8.5″ Postcard

6″ x 9″ Postcard

6″ x 11″ Postcard

8.5″ x 3.667″ Buckslip

One Stop Mail Blog colorful envelops web


#10 Regular Envelope

#10 Window Envelope

#9 Regular Envelope

#9 Window Envelope

Direct Mail Design Templates from One Stop Mail

Flyers and Letters

8.5″ x  11″ Flyer

8.5″ x 14″ Flyer

9″ x 12″ Flyer

Business Cards at One Stop Mail for Direct Mail Design Templates page

Business Cards

3.5″ x 2″ Business Card

Direct Mail & EDDM Postcard Design Tips

  • Stay clear of barcode clear zones – It’s tempting to use every single 1/4 inch on your postcard, keep the “clear zone” free from any text or pigmentation. All our postcard templates come with the clear zone labeled as you design your postcard.
  • Obey USPS design requirements – There are several key USPS regulations you need to observe to both save yourself money and get every piece delivered. Be sure to find a vendor that has the experience and a track record working with USPS, like One Stop Mail.
  • Be creative, be bold – You don’t stand out by blending in. Use postcard, envelopes and flyers to communicate your unique value offered to customers.

Direct Mail Design & Template FAQs

Is there an official USPS postcard design template?

No, but the USPS provides the requirements for postcards, envelopes and any direct mailer. Direct mail services should always include adherence to these regulations.

Do you qualify for Nonprofit Postage?

Do I need a direct mail designer for my mailpieces?

If your direct mail designs are simple enough and you have faith in their marketing potential, you don’t need a graphic designer. However, many direct mail companies, like One Stop Mail, do provide design services or help upon request and have decades of success in EDDM.

Do I need design software for direct mail layouts?

No, along with Adobe InDesign files, you can download PDFs and use either of those as direct mail templates to submit to a direct mail printer. You can design your postcard in any program you choose, Word, Canva, Adobe etc., and plug it into any provided template.

Ready to export your PDF from InDesign?

We have built in the bleed, color and page export settings we need from you into this preset.

To load the preset file:

  • Go to “File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define”.
  • Then click “Load” and select the provided file.
  • When you export your PDF, use this preset and be sure to check that your final finished size is correct (that will be the document size).

Design Corner with employee at desk

Send us your PDF files and we will take it from there!