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Financial Services Direct Mail

You are a professional through and through. You carefully research and analyze markets as you look after your clients and their financial investments – not trying to reach new clients through financial services direct mail. That would be a waste of your hard-earned skills.  

Similarly, asking a direct mail marketer to propose a plan to profitably navigate the complex financial world would be a waste of our hard-earned marketing skills.  

To gain more new clients, rely on experts who’ve worked successfully with financial services direct mail, and other industries. Here’s why:  

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No matter how profitable your business, you don’t want to spend more on marketing than you have to. One of the best marketing investments for financial services is direct mail marketing.

The financial industry uses direct mail because it gives them measurable results – with insurance, credit card, mortgage, and financial investment services spending more than $17 billion in 2018.

Another reason why financiers like direct mail is its proven success rate. According to a 2018 report from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in cooperation with the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), 4.9% of recipients buy from companies that send them direct mail. Email’s response rate, in contrast, is only 1%.

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Expecting sound financial advice from mail marketer is silly – and so would expecting a well-trained financial adviser to put together a direct mail marketing campaign. Sure, it’s not rocket science – but there are skills required to building a campaign. One Stop Mail can help! 

  • Determine goals and identifying the steps to achieve them. 
  • Build customized and updated lists. 
  • Identify the right collateral to use – postcards, letters, mailers, etc. 
  • Create an offer and/or content to attract clients. 
  • Design postcards or mailers to attract attention. 
  • Set timing – how often to mail to get best return on investment.  
  • Analyze results and determining how to get even better results!   
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A customized list should target individuals with a net worth to require services like yours. One Stop Mail list experts will review the demographics of households in your targeted region to identify who you should be in your mailing.

They can also analyze current lists and make recommendations to improve underperforming lists and add additional names to match your tarted demographics. You can request these lists:

  • Custom
  • Specific Demographics
  • New Movers
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You don’t need an on-staff graphic designer to create attention-grabbing mailers because we have designers!   

Our designers have the expertise to create memorable impressions to keep your financial services business top of mind – and we can create marketing collateral to match your brand to take up more space in your prospects’ homes.  

  • Business cards 
  • Brochures 
  • Flyers 
  • Report folders 
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Most marketers and savvy businesspeople know that it takes multiple exposures for prospects to get to know a new business. According to one expert, financial service businesses need 10 exposures to put themselves on the “most wanted” list.  

When you’re creating a campaign to reach new clients, it’s good to plan to create a 10-postcard or mailer campaign. The repeated exposure makes new folks feel comfortable that your firm is around and available.  

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In addition to 10+ mailers, use recipients’ name to keep their eyes on the mailer and your offer. Cost is less of a barrier because technology puts variable data printing within reach of almost every budget. 

Subsequent personalized exposures will create more comfort with your name, and potentially create a feeling of trust which is so important in your industry.

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Stay focused on your expertise and allow One Stop Mail to use ours to help you gain new clients with a postcard or mailer campaign with expertise in digital printingoffset printing, and variable printing services.   

We have worked with businesses in many industries to create direct mail marketing campaigns that attract new clients and help sustain successful operations. If it’s time to deploy a winning direct mail marketing campaign, call a Direct Mail Expert at 602.233.3003

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More than just direct mail, One Stop Mail also provides all of the print solutions that all financial businesses need.

  • Appointment/Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Calendars
  • Signage
  • Brochures/Booklets
  • Posters
  • Promotional Items
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