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Increase sales & sign ups and keep your prospects, customers, patients & members informed.

High Quality Brochures Get Better Results 

Custom Brochures are one of the most verstaile, effective and affordable pieces of printed marketing collateral that businesses and organizations have to share their message, showcase their products or services and engage customers or prospects. They just work!

The fact that they can come in so many different sizes and various folds means that you can be as creative as you want and have plenty of space to share all the information you need without making them too busy or distracting.

“Businesses that use brochures generate over 273% more engagement than those who don’t.”

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Previously we ordered all of our brochures online from whoever showed up, but we wanted to find a dedicated print company who could help us print the same quality every time. We found One Stop and are very happy with their work.

We have worked with One Stop Mail team for years and they do all of our brochure work. They are always great to work with and their pricing is fantastic as well.

When we came to One Stop we needed them to create a brochure that had quite a few complexities due to the finishing we needed done. They were able to pull it off and ended up doing a much better job than we anticipated.

Custom Brochures for Every Industry

Brochures are important for literally every industry. Whether you’re in food & beverage, heavy industry, real estate, consumer goods, finance, or any other industry, you need to communicate with customers and prospects. Custom brochures provide you an easy and affordable way to do that.

Brochure Printing of Every Size

There are so many different types of brochures and sizes that you have a real creative freedom to share information exactly how you want to share it. From flyer style brochures to bi-fold, tri-fold or quad-fold / accordion folded brochures you have the ability to design something truly unique and effective.

Top Brochures Finishing Options

Finishing touches really do make a difference and when it comes to brochures you are able to choose from a variety of highly effective and engagement evoking brochures finishes. Gloss, texture, die-cut and more are all options you’ll be able to incorporate into your design.

Brochure Folds Available

Brochures allow for your message to shine in different ways and one of the best way is by utilizing the best “fold” for your brochure. Listed here are the top folds businesses use.

Bi-Fold: The brochure is simply folded in half, creating four pages total. 

Tri-Fold: The brochure is folded into three panels, creating six pages in total. 

Z-Fold: Similar to a tri-fold but with each panel folding in the opposite direction, like an accordion. This creates a z-shape.

Gate Fold: The two end panels fold inward to meet in the middle, without overlapping, creating a central panel & two side panels.

Accordion Fold: Like the Z-fold, but with more than three panels. This allows for more info to be parsed on its own.

Brochure Pricing Considerations

Brochure pricing is primarily influenced by the choice of paper quality and type, with thicker or textured papers typically costing more. The size and complexity of the brochure, such as larger formats or intricate folds, also contribute to higher production costs.

Printing options, including the number of colors used and whether digital or offset printing methods are employed, significantly affect the price. Higher quantities generally reduce the cost per unit due to economies of scale. Additional finishes like lamination, UV coating, or embossing can increase costs but enhance appearance and durability.

Lastly, the turnaround time, with faster delivery requiring premium pricing (such as our same day printing), and any design services needed.

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