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This isn’t some typical website landing page. These get you results!

Integration & Personalization Works

There are many companies out there that do web development and can create landing pages, but not like this. We’re not talking about your “run of the mill” page. These are pages integrated with offline marketing, using QR codes and personalized URLs.

These landing pages can be personalized to any type of data stored on the customer which will ensure the experience is near one-to-one, speaking directly to them. And you know what that means? Very Big Results!

“An Average Landing Page Converts at 5.89%, Integrated Landing Pages see Conversion Rates of Over 40% Consistently.”

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We needed an easy way to get leads online and we had been working with One Stop for a while when they told us that they could do landing pages for that. We tried it and it worked!

The One Stop Mail team was able to integrate a custom landing page with the QR codes we printed on our direct mail. It worked so well, we just committed to 5 more campaigns.

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that One Stop did custom landing pages. Our team needed an integrated solution in relation to these pages and One Stop was able to pull it off for us.

Connect to Your Direct Mail

We use QR codes and PURLs to ensure the recipients of your direct mail campaigns are being directed to your landing page, which well get the customer or prospect the information they need and do it in a way that is easy and convenient for them.

Tracking Direct Mail & Landing Page Performance

The great news about using integrated landing pages is that you get insight into the behavior of recipients and how the campaigns performed. Clicks, submissions, and calls can all be tracked which gives you the information needed to make better decisions on future campaigns.

Simple & Easy Landing Page Creation

We’ve made creating bulk landing pages simple. If you aren’t a coder or developer then you know how frustrating it can be to open and update a website. Luckily we have created these integrated landing pages so all we have to do is build one and all of your recipients will have a custom landing page just for them.

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