Sending Direct Mail Campaigns Multiple Times Is More Effective For Brand Recognition


One common mistake we see when an organization embraces direct mail is creating only one piece of mail for a given campaign. Sure, a little mail marketing is better than none, but it’s not the most effective method.

Mailbox marketing can be a highly effective way of building brand awareness, and engaging your leads via multiple types of messaging. Since virtually everyone checks their mailbox once a day, it gives you ample opportunity to put your brand in front of people… and in a format that’s separate from the distractions of nonstop electronic advertisements.

Keeping In Touch: How Repeat Direct Mail Can Drive Awareness

1 – More opportunities for interaction

The first and most obvious reason for repeat mailings is simply that not every recipient who might be interested is necessarily going to have the opportunity to delve into your mailed materials. If they’re flipping through mail in the morning, the baby starts crying, and they put the mail down, there’s a good chance they won’t remember to pick it up again. Or they’ll disregard all but the most important pieces.

Multiple mailings increase the chances your mailer will be received when they also have time to interact with it.

2 – More ways to inspire and measure response

Direct mail stands at a crossroads between nearly all your other marketing ventures, whether they’re offline or online. A piece of direct mail can lead a consumer to your website, or to your store, with equal ease. They could receive a coupon, or a QR code for a download, or a mail-back form.

These different interactions can be leveraged in creating an assortment of mailers, even within the same campaign, which is useful in at least two ways. First, it prevents your materials from appearing too repetitive. Also, it allows you to directly measure response rates for different interaction types. (ie, are they more likely to use a coupon in-store or scan a QR code?)

3 – More variety in sent materials

Another reason direct mail is highly effective for repeat touches is that there’s a wide range of materials available which can all fit inside mailboxes. After all, every email is pretty much the same. It looks the same in a viewer, and one way or another, the only way to interact with it is clicking.

However, physical mail can be in forms ranging from basic postcards to highly complex packages of information with multiple bundled items. Postcards are great for ensuring a touch happens even if the recipient only glances at the material, while more complicated fold-out mailers inspire hands-on work and can even be fun to open.

…just don’t overdo it.

As with email, direct mail can definitely hit a point of over-saturation. There’s no exact guideline on where that line is, but basically, it’s at the point the recipient recognizes your brand and is annoyed that you’re in their mailbox again.

This can generally be avoided by either decreasing the frequency of mailings or increasing the variety.

Given the low costs and highly competitive cost-per-lead you can get from postal mail marketing, there’s rarely a good reason not to try several different mailers over the course of a few weeks or months. If you’re running a large promotion in a physical store, like holiday sales, several different materials in the span of a week or two can be effective. The key is variety, and that’s one thing direct mail can easily deliver.

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