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One Stop Mail has you covered when it comes to mail & data with class certification.

Targeted & Customized Lists that Get Results

At One Stop Mail, we understand how important targeted mailing lists are for the success of every marketing campaign. Creating a mailing list of your own can be overwhelming and challening. Our team simplifies this task, focusing on lists that meet your specific customer profile and marketing goals. Whether you’re refining an existing campaign or working on a totally new strategy, our can deliver lists & mailing that get results. 

“Strategically Targeted Customer Lists Deliver 87% Higher Results.”

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We never had much luck with companies providing us lists to mail to, but then we came across One Stop Mail and gave them a try. We've never had lists this good!

Our team was manually creating mailing lists to send out our direct mail campaigns because we thought we had to. We told this to the One Stop team and they showed us a much better way!

We've used One Stop for our data and list services for years and never once have we been disappointed. If you need this service then we can't recommend anyone better.

Targeted Residential Mailing Lists

Target consumers using specific demographic and socio-economic criteria. The mailing list may be as simple as just homeowners in a zip code or customized with multiple data points like household income, auto and home information, age, or interests, like sports or outdoor enthusiasts.

Business to Business Mailing Lists

Reach other businesses. The list criteria available for targeting include sales volume, number of employees, and age of business. These mailing lists can also include the business’ phone number and a point of contact, like the Owner or Marketing Director. Our B2B mailing list targeting uses both business intelligence data and more standard direct mail data like zip code or mail routes.

Saturation Mailing Lists

Target a specific area or community for new customers. Instead of needing to select criteria, this mailing list will have every mailable residence in that area available. One of the best benefits of this type of list is the discount in postage (up to $0.06 less) than other traditional mailing lists.

NCOA & CASS Certified Data Services

An out-of-date mailing list won’t deliver the results you want. It is important to sure you’re mailing with the most current and clean mailing list.

The data team at One Stop Mail will always NCOA, CASS Certify, and provide undeliverables (upon request) for any provided or rented/purchased mailing list. We also remove duplicate data (de-dupe, scrub) and clean the mailing list as part of our service.

You need experts at variable data or dynamic mailers and our team of specialists are here to help. We can merge multiple fields of images to personalize your direct mail piece and enhance your response rate.


With the overwhelming amount of customer data available, finding the right mailing list can be confusing. Our team of experts will listen to your marketing needs and suggest the proven criteria and type of direct mailing list to make a successful campaign. Whether you know what already works for your business or need advice, we are here to assist you with our mailing list service.

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