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Capture the attention of new movers and turn them into loyal customers.

New Resident Marketing Services

Whether it’s finding a new family dentist in the neighborhood or purchasing new light fixtures and shutters for the home, new homeowners need your services and One Stop Mail’s Just Moved Mailer can help you quickly get your direct mail marketing into their mailbox.

“New Movers spend on average $9400 on new businesses within the first year of moving in.”

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We had been doing direct mail marketing, but hadn't done any specific new homeowner marketing. Once we tried this out it was like a well kept secret it worked so good.

We use One Stop Mail for all of our new homeowner marketing and direct mail. They are fast, affordable and consistent. Plus we get fantastic results from this channel.

The first time we ran a new homeowner campaign with One Stop it gave us a better return than anything we had done over the past 5 years. Highly recommend.

Tailored Relevance

Direct mail enables tailored communication with new homeowners, demonstrating an insight into their specific needs making a bigger impact. By highlighting products and services that match their recent home purchase, the customization of your mailings ensures they are directly relevant. This enhances the chance of grabbing their interest and generating engagement.

Building Trust

Well-crafted direct mail builds trust and credibility. Superior design and targeted messaging, allows you establish a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company. Testimonials and customer reviews will further strengthen trust.

Increase Lifetime Value

The fact that many new homeowners will also be new customers to your business means that once you acquire them the amount of money they’ll spend with your business and the influencing affect they will have on others massively increases their lifetime value to your business.

Attract New Residents For Less With New Mover Marketing

For as little as $0.50 per lead, you can attract new homeowners in your neighborhood. We make getting started with a new mover marketing program easy. Get a full-service direct mail package that includes:

New Homeowner Lists & New Mover Mailers In Your Neighborhood

One Stop Mail does all the heavy lifting for you by automating weekly mailings and working with you on refining your brand, message, and audience to increase your leads and convert them into new customers.

Get Started Today…

All you need to get started is a desire for more business and a stress-free marketing plan.

If you’re in the home service industry, a church, school, dentist or any business where new movers are a target audience, call us today to discuss a customized plan that fits your budget and gives you recurring, valuable new homeowner leads each month.

New Homeowner & Resident Leads

All In One Easy & Affordable Package

Select Your Prospects

Choose your Targeted Prospects That Just Moved Into Your Neighborhood


Design Your Postcard

Design Your Custom Postcard To Introduce Yourself To New Homeowners


Dynamic Printing That Stands Out

Full Color Postcards That Attract New Movers Attention In The Mailbox


Recurring Mailing Services

Weekly Mailing Services That Deliver Your Postcards First In The Mailbox


Connect With Your New Customers

Convert These New Neighbors Into Brand New Customers For Your Business

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