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Customized and Personalized Printing to Boost Your Results.

Customize & Personalize Your Print

The best way to create a connection with your target audience is by speaking to them directly. There is nothing more personal than speaking to and making eye contact with your customers and prospects. While it’s impossible to make a face-to-face connection with all of your prospective customers, variable data printing can help you get closer.

“44% of Consumers Open, Read & Retain Personalized Mail.”

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We needed a quick and easy solution to personalizing our mailers which were being sent out in large quantities. Variable data printing allowed us to do it very easily.

We hadn't ever heard of VDP before and once the team showed us what it was there was no hesitation on our end to start using it. Very impressed with how well it works!

I wish we would have started using this sooner. Variable data processes have helped us grow tremendously because it's so effective at getting the atention of our customers.

Variable Data Printing Boosts ROI

Variable data printing (VDP printing) allows you to make a mass mailing more personal, so you can reach each recipient with a message that is more meaningful to them. According to a recent study, 59% of shoppers say personalization was a purchasing influence.

The same Infosys study says that consistent high-quality direct mail that is personalized offers higher returns than a generic mail campaign.

How Can You Use Variable Data in Your Marketing?

VDP utilizes a software to change out different segments of the mailer. The personalization areas can be the addressee, primary offer, a specific paragraph or sentence.

Specific targeted marketing efforts can include a different image or background color that can be swapped out to match each neighborhood’s high school team colors. Variable image printing and targeted colors may be effective for a sporting goods store or t-shirt manufacturing.

VDP is Effective at Scale

Variable Data is perfect for large scale customization that done any other way drives up the cost of personalizating your printed collateral. Is quick, easy and affordable.

The Next-Level of Customization

Variable data mail gives you the power to speak to each segment or list of customers in a way that is meaningful to them.

Marketers typically have a couple of mail lists – current customers, prospective customers, and a master list with a mix of both.

The prospect’s list may be made up of homeowners that are within 25-miles of the business. Within that area, the residents have many more characteristics – homeowners vs. renters, middle-class salary vs. higher salary, two-salary households vs. single, children in the house, and more. Variable data mailing allows you to send highly customized content specific to each group of potential customers.

Variable Data Printing Examples: A contractor can offer a 10% spring cleaning discount on exterior paint to the residents in the housing division with homes that were built in the 1990s. Or, residents in the division with homes built in 2017 may respond to window treatment upgrades because their exterior paint is still fresh.

How Variable Data Printing Helps

What is Variable Data Printing (VDP)? This digital printing technology allows you to customize the bulk direct mail that you send to your mail list recipients. You can print the name of the recipient on each postcard, newsletter or letter that you mail, allowing you to send thousands of personal messages.

Pinpoint Your Focus to Boost Your Opportunities for Success.

A variable data printer can change virtually hundreds of elements on your bulk mailing – from the offer to the call-to-action, image or colors – any element can be adjusted to better match a specific demographic.

This level of specialization used to be available to only very large organizations with thousands of bulk mailings for a large sum of money. Fortunately, now even smaller organizations can segment their marketing with personalized printing through VDP.

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