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Why Direct Mail Fundraising Can Work For Nonprofits

Keeping a nonprofit’s mission front and center is critical. The role an organization fills in a community, state, or nation goes hand-and-hand with successful fundraising and establishing donor loyalty. Nonprofit direct mail can help new and current donors or organization members understand the good you do and gain supporters for your work.

One Stop Mail direct marketing experts are ready to assist non-profits like yours to bring in donations and strengthen donor loyalty. In addition to identifying your target prospects, our experts can help build a campaign, allowing organizations to focus on their mission and not marketing. Advantages for nonprofit direct mail campaigns include:

  • Easy way to communicate with donors/members
  • Takes advantage of reduced non-profit bulk postage rate
  • Cost-effective, low-touch fundraising dollars
  • Targeted lists for nonprofits can be utilized
  • Avoids crowded email inboxes
Customer looking for Mailing List and Data Services at One Stop Mail

At One Stop Mail, we have the knowledge and expertise to help create or replicate a complete direct mail fulfillment package.  We understand the donation process and can help by providing personalized messages and the recipient’s giving history data to each segment of your donor list.  We have the following capabilities to execute any giving campaign:

  • Variable data letters of all sizes including perforation.
  • Any return envelope – reply, CRM or BRM.
  • Include a #10 window or regular 4-color envelope with the ability for heavy coverage.
  • Customized return devices, including buckslips
  • Data segmentation through coding to help you keep track of your giving history and levels.

We also have a strong knowledge of the non-profit industry and can help with the post office, list segmentation, data management, and appeals.

If you’ve been using the same mail list without getting the results, One Stop Mail experts can sift through data to help identify the right audience for your nonprofit. Identifying the type of donor that your mailing attracts informs the next step, which is finding new donors within your targeted area.

To upgrade a list, the non-responsive recipients are removed from the active list, and the new donors will be added.

In addition to the traditional mail lists, One Stop Mail can customize your list to target specific demographics or provide a new mover mailing list to share your organization with prospective new donors.

Whether you’d like a new list or an upgrade to one that’s not performing to your needs, One Stop Mail has you covered.

  • Custom Lists
  • Targeted Demographics
  • New Movers
List and Data Services Planning Session One Stop Mail
Graphic Design Services at One Stop Mail 2

You need a graphic representation of your nonprofit, who you serve, and the positive outcomes. Our graphic design and marketing team will work with you to create designs that represent your important service and stand out in crowded mailboxes.

Our professionals understand the techniques that represent the right message and create heartfelt emotion and leave an unforgettable impression in their hearts and minds.

Our Designer can create:

  • Custom postcards
  • Mailers
  • Brochures
  • Flyers

A personalized message makes your organization more memorable because the recipient puts more of their attention on the mailer. If you’ve always thought that personalization is out of reach – there’s good news. The flexibility of digital printing makes customized or variable printing is much more affordable.

Now, you can personalize the name of the recipient, portions of your message, giving history and the call-to-action to speak directly to the potential donor.

Direct Mail Marketing - One Stop Mail
Digital Print Operator at One Stop Mail

Speedy and quality service are our hallmarks, with mailers that can be printed within 24 – 48 hours. Our professional print shop includes both digital printing and offset printing for all your printing needs at a reasonable rate.

One Stop Mail has been offering direct mail marketing services for more than 40-years. Our extensive experience is put to work for you to help you get the attention you need to inspire recipients to contribute to your cause.

If you are considering One Stop Mail for your nonprofit direct mail campaign, contact a Direct Mail Expert at 602.233.3003 for special, non-profit consideration.

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