How Do You Combine Online Ads With Direct Mail?

LIFT matches the zip codes used for your direct mail campaign with online users so you can tailor and repeat your message to the exact consumers you’re targeting. Add to that the tracking and measurement provided and LIFT adds a level of data intelligence that’s unmatched in marketing. Track things like visits to your website and what actions potential customers take on your site all in one dashboard. Measure the success of your campaign on a LIFT dashboard.

  1. Select consumers to target – You can target users based on demographic information like their address or by their consumer behavior like new homeowners or just moved.
  2. Design ads & print mailers – Determine your integrated marketing messaging and graphics for both your online ads and your direct mail pieces.
  3. Mail & target – Send your direct mail and begin targeting those same users online for maximum message saturation.
  4. Track & repeat – Track your results and update your tactics in successive rounds of digital direct mail strategy.
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LIFT Combines 8 Integrated Advertising Technologies

Get consistent, targeted messaging shown to your audience by combining your online marketing and direct mail marketing using LIFT. You’ll get the best of both digital and print advertising and crush your competition.

Icon8 LeadMatch


Show ads on Facebook & Instagram to your mailing list before or after your mail is delivered.

Icon5 InformedDelivery

Online Follow-Up

Prospects get retargeted with your ads through Google Display Network each time they visit your site without purchasing.

Icon6 OnlineFollowup

Social Media Follow-Up

Post mailing, you follow up with people on their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Icon4 CallTextTracking 86x86 1

Informed Delivery

A full-color, clickable ad within the grayscale email preview accompanies your mail piece.

Icon7 SMFollowUp


Track and record anonymous user visits PLUS send mail to website visitors who came to your site independent of your mailing.

Icon1 SocialMatch 86x86 1

Mail Tracking

Get the data on when exactly your direct mail hits mailboxes on a per-piece level.

Icon2 MailTracking

Trackable QR Code

Increase and track responses to mail through our custom reporting dashboard to see who has scanned your mail piece.

Icon3 TrackableQRCode

Call & Text Tracking

Recordings and updates to your data in real-time on calls related to your campaign.

Why Integrated Digital Direct Mail Campaigns Work

Looking to level up your direct mail or digital marketing game? Upgrade both by integrating and syncing your advertising spend to create an omnichannel experience that increases your ROI.

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