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A Debt Consolidation List is Key to Lenders’ Direct Mail Campaign

You provide an essential service. To many, it is the lifeline they need as you provide the room for individuals to recover from high-interest loan balances and unmanageable payments. In short – you must know who benefits from your consolidation services and how to explain the unique rewards of doing business with you.

Fortunately, debt consolidation professionals can get outstanding results from direct mail due to its flexibility, ability to attract attention, and tendency to hang around recipients’ homes.

Reaching them depends on the right debt consolidation mail list.

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The average amount of debt in 2020:

  • Generation Z (ages 18 to 23): $16,043
  • Millennials (ages 24 to 39): $87,448
  • Generation X (ages 40 to 55): $140,643
  • Baby Boomers (ages 56 to 74): $97,290
  • Silent Generation (ages 75 and above): $41,281

Millennials should be targeted debt consolidation leads as they may be struggling with student debt. If they possess a large loan balance with a hefty minimum payment, it could be an obstacle to important goals, like buying a home.  Here are mind-blowing direct mail tips for marketing to Millennials.

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Recent US Postal Service (USPS) statistics show that 89% of Millennials review their mail and 80% look forward to receiving it every day.  

There are even more encouraging statistics, including how the mail influences the buying behavior of Millennials. And, if you’d like expert tips on how to market to Millennials with direct mail, check out our blog, Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing.  

Whether you’re targeting Millennials, Baby Boomers, or members of Generation X, your debt consolidation lists must be strong and the message must be clear while igniting emotion to be successful.

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Prospects must understand what you offer and how it helps them before they do business with you. While you may include key details of how the service works, you must also demonstrate how prospects’ lives will change.

Consolidating multiple bills into a lower-interest, lower monthly payment loan can allow borrowers to save or finally relax by eliminating multiple large monthly payments. It’s not enough to explain it – you should help them feel what it will be like to finally be over this obstacle.

Be sure to include a call-to-action using emotional trigger words that conveys urgency while including reasons why your service is the ideal solution and make it easy to schedule an appointment (phone # on your postcard or mailer.)

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When it’s time for your campaign, the lists you use can make all the difference. If you’ve been reusing a non-performing list or if you routinely buy prospect lists that don’t ignite any calls or contacts, you’re throwing money down the drain.

One Stop Mail list experts can help you build a new prospect campaign from scratch. We can also review your current lists and scrub them to help you get better results. We can help you with:

  • Custom Lists
  • Targeting Demographics
  • New Movers / New Buyers
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Personalizing your debt relief mail can help you get an even better response. This helps your reader focus on your message, making it even more memorable.  

The latest advances in variable data printing make it more affordable, so they may fit into even tight marketing budgets. Each mailer can be personalized with the recipient’s name, a unique offer, and more to help persuade them to call you. 

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Want to be memorable? Create a compelling, impressive design that conveys the unique benefit of your business.

Vibrant colors and beautiful images capture attention immediately and create emotional impressions. We design professional collateral for loan consolidation and debt settlement marketing that include:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Custom postcards
  • Business cards
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With nearly 40-years of success in direct mail, One Stop Mail has worked with businesses in diverse industries, including financial and loan professionals. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time you do business with us. Among the services you can rely on:

  • Mail list services, including customization
  • We can recommend the frequency of mailings to maximize your results
  • Graphic services that stand out
  • Professional offset and variable data printing

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You could have the smartest, most cohesive team on the planet and there will still be times when you need to reach out to prospective customers fast.

One Stop Mail can fulfill orders quickly, in as little as 24 to 48 hours. You’ll receive the same quality from our digital printing, offset printing, and variable printing services regardless of your timeline.

If you want expert assistance on your next direct mail, consolidated debt list, and marketing campaign, One Stop Mail wants to help. Contact a Direct Mail Expert at 602.233.3003.

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A successful direct mail campaign for loan professionals starts with a debt consolidation list.

Build a winning direct mail campaign with the help of One Stop Mail.  You’ll get a quick reply and your own customer service representative to help you every step of the way.

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