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To stand out in a world crowded with visual noise, smart businesses must focus on delivering a consistent and unforgettable message to a targeted group of prospective customers. A direct mail marketing services company with years of experience getting results for clients in diverse industries can help you occupy space in your prospects’ minds to effectively acquire new business.

Here are just a few of the industries One Stop Mail (OSM) serves:

real estate direct mail marketing services

Real Estate

Real estate agents are required to be great marketers – they market their services, their clients’ properties and desirable communities. This requires tremendous know-how, including understanding the demographics of the people who are most likely to respond to the style of property or community.

Creating the right mailings and list while developing vibrant graphics that jump out of the print aren’t easy to do – unless you’ve done it hundreds of times before. OSM’s experience working with real estate professionals allows us to help you attract the right clients with targeted lists and mailings to stay top-of-mind until customers are ready to move.

real estate direct mail marketing services
Financial Panning Direct Mail Marketing Services

Financial Professionals

Representing a high level of professionalism, knowledge and ethics are key factors in attracting new clients if you want to manage their finances. A single miscalculation in a direct mail campaign could cause you to lose a client for life.

Precise design, professional look, and a premium paper could make the right impression. If clients aren’t ready to act immediately, a consistent brand message and regular mailings deliver the message that you have what it takes to manage and grow their precious assets and you’re here to stay. And remember to customize your mailings to get the best result – we always do.

Home Improvement Direct Mail Marketing Services

Home Improvement Services

Homeownership means continuous upgrades, maintenance, and plenty of opportunities for home construction professionals of all types. Staying visible among the many good tradesmen and women requires a plan to stay in front of prospects in your service area.

Choose the direct mail marketing services that will help you plan and execute campaigns to help you fill your work calendar with a lucrative business.  Our Just Moved mailer helps you connect with new homeowners.

Home Improvement Direct Mail Marketing Services
Loan Consolidation Direct Mail Marketing Services

Loan Consolidation Services

Households of every size may require loan consolidation from time-to-time. Whether it’s to consolidate credit card debt that finance home expansion or luxury vacations or auto or old student loans, your service just needs to be top-of-mind in the areas you serve to compete with larger banks and credit unions.

Rely on direct mail professionals that understand how images tell a story and offers trigger action. OSM can help you plan an affordable mailing to keep new customers coming to your door.


Healthcare Professionals

Own an individual dental, chiropractic, massage, or optometry office? Future patients will need to know where they can find your services to take care of health and wellness for every member of their household. You can include specialties, such as children’s services to reach the right clients.

OSM can help you build the ideal list, frequency of mailing and create the right look of your mailers so you can deliver the right message to prospects. Personalizing your mailing can be more effective and OSM offers variable custom print that allows you to customize your message to your prospects.

Nonprofit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

If you manage a church, community organization, like a food pantry, it’s critical to keep your non-profit service in front of patrons who value the work you do – but, budgetary constraints may hamper your efforts.

Fortunately, OSM offers affordable list and mailing services to keep your fund-raising efforts on track. And, if you need professional design and print customization services, we can provide top-notch quality at an exceptional price.

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