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Your all-in-one solution for precision-targeted marketing.

We offer a wide range of mailing lists and selects, allowing you to reach your target audience with precision. Our data services include cleaning, deduplication, appending, and list management, ensuring the quality and accuracy of your customer data. With rigorous security protocols in place, your data is safeguarded throughout the process. Trust us to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions that maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

Data Cleaning

Ensure the accuracy and integrity of your customer data by cleaning and standardizing contact information.


Eliminate duplicate records from your database to prevent wasted resources and improve campaign targeting.

Data Appending

Enhance your customer database by appending missing information, such as email addresses, phone numbers or demographic data.

Custom List Creation

Create custom mailing lists tailored to your specific target audience and campaign objectives.

Data Security

Implement rigorous security measures to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

API & Webhook Integration

Receive data securely via API or webhooks, allowing for seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows.


Target consumers using specific demographic and socio-economic criteria. The mailing list may be as simple as just homeowners in a zip code or customized with multiple data points like household income, auto and home information, age, or interests, like sports or outdoor enthusiasts.


Reach other businesses. The list criteria available for targeting include sales volume, number of employees, and age of business. These mailing lists can also include the business’ phone number and a point of contact, like the Owner or Marketing Director. Our B2B mailing list targeting uses both business intelligence data and more standard direct mail data like zip code or mail routes.


Target a specific area or community for new customers. Instead of needing to select criteria, this mailing list will have every mailable residence in that area available. One of the best benefits of this type of list is the discount in postage ($.10 or more) than other traditional mailing lists.

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