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Marketing a restaurant can be tough, you need an expert to ensure you get results.

More Customers & Higher Ticket Averages

Whether you have a fine dining experience, something casual, one location or a nationa-wide chain, the thing that all restaurants have in common is they need to market themselves to keep visibility high, build the brand and ensure seats are filled.

Effective marketing will not only keep you in the minds of customers it will both grow your customers base, increase patron frequency and generate an increase in the average ticket.

“53% of Consumers say Direct Mail influenced them to order delivery or go to a restaurant.”

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Why Restaurants Use Direct Mail

By using Direct Mail you can execute targeted outreach to local communities, introducing new diners to the restaurant or re-engaging past customers. By sending menus, special discount offers, or invitations to restaurant events directly to potential customers’ mailboxes, restaurants can create a personal touch that digital advertising often lacks.

Direct mail helps cut through the digital noise, making a memorable impact that can increase foot traffic and drive reservations, ultimately boosting revenue and customer loyalty.

Full Service Printing for Restaurants

Besides the obvious benefit of your marketing collateral looking professional a collaboration with a full service printing company would cover everything from designing and printing menus and promotional flyers to creating customized direct mail pieces and loyalty cards. A full-service printer can offer creative design solutions, high-quality printing, and even mailing services, which helps restaurants maintain a strong and appealing brand image.

This saves time and streamlines operations, allowing restaurant owners and managers to focus more on their culinary offerings and customer service.

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