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Whether the market is up or down, our dealers are moving vehicles. A lot of them.

Increase Exposure, Traffic & Sell More Vehicles

Every auto dealer we speak with asks use the same questions… “How do we increase the number of people coming to the lot?” and “How can we increase vehicle sales?”. The good news is that we have that answer!

Updating your communication strategy and enhancing your direct mail campaigns will easily deliver the increase in sales for your dealership and move more cards off the lot.

“Dealers who use Direct Mail generate 4.3x more sales.”

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Why Auto Dealers Use Direct Mail

This approach allows dealerships to target specific demographics, such as recent car buyers or local residents, with tailored messages that speak directly to them. Direct mail offers a tangible, personal touch, creating a memorable impression that drives traffic to showrooms. It also enables dealers to highlight promotions, new models, or special events directly to consumers’ homes, increasing engagement and sales.

Additionally direct mail’s measurability through tracking responses and redemption rates of offers provides valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, helping dealers refine their marketing strategies and improve ROI. 

Full Service Printing for Auto Dealers

Dealers benefit from partnering with a full-service print company like ours because it centralizes all marketing material needs under one roof. This integration simplifies the management of promotional campaigns, design for new model launches to printing high-quality sales brochures and personalized direct mail campaigns. With expertise in automotive marketing, we understands the nuances of creating materials that attract and engage buyers.

This ensures consistency in branding across all channels and materials. The efficiency gained from streamlined production processes helps dealerships save time and reduce costs, allowing you to focus more on sales and customer service.

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