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Looking to increase enrollment, engage current students and maximize your marketing ROI?

Marketing Strategy for Schools & Colleges

Education Centers, Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the country are looking for ways to ensure their institution gets the visibility it deserves, increase applications, and engage students & parents. The education landscape is more competitive than ever!

Those who are smart are acting fast and making moves to gain more student market share. Integrated Marketing and Direct Mail programs are driving those results.

“Schools, Colleges & Universities that run consistent Direct Mail campaigns are seeing 5x more applicants than their competitors.”

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Why Schools & Colleges Use Direct Mail

Colleges & Universities use direct mail to effectively reach prospective students and their families, providing a tangible connection that digital communications often lack. Direct mail allows for personalized outreach that can highlight unique campus features, upcoming events, or specific academic programs, tailored to the interests of the recipient. This method helps colleges stand out in a competitive educational landscape, fostering a sense of exclusivity and direct engagement.

It also ensures that important information, such as application deadlines and scholarship opportunities, is noticed and retained, increasing the likelihood of student enrollment.

Full Service Printing for Schools & Colleges

Full service printers deliver high-quality production of promotional materials, including brochures, enrollment packets, event banners, and alumni newsletters. They also offer expert design and strategic distribution services, crucial for reaching prospective students effectively. 

Working with a print company that can do it all exclusively, streamlines the production process, maintaining consistent branding and professional aesthetics across all printed content. This helps colleges save time, reduce costs, and focus more on their educational mission while maximizing their outreach impact.

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