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Whether it’s listing or showing a property, you need the tools to connect & engage buyers and sellers.

Results for the Entire Real Estate Industry

Independent real estate businesses are in demand in nearly every market. Whether you’re a realtor, lender, home inspector, contractor, or other professional specializing in serving clients who buy, sell, or lease property, you have to reach the right customers at the right time with the right offer to build a thriving business. Real estate direct mail services can target and attract the clients you need.

Choosing a marketing strategy that ticks the right boxes makes all the difference. The tactics you choose must be affordable, target the homeowners who are ready to sell, re-finance or remodel, or renters who are ready to become homeowners in one of the neighborhoods you serve. And, most of all – the tactics must deliver results.

“Those in the Real Esate Industry that send direct mail experience on average an increase of 125% in phone calls & online inquiries.”

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Why Those In Real Estate Use Direct Mail

Use Direct Mail to connect with potential clients and maintain relationships with past clients. This marketing tool allows for personalized communication, including property listings, market updates, and invitations to open houses, directly to homes in targeted neighborhoods.

Direct mail stands out in today’s digital-heavy world, providing a physical reminder of the agent’s presence and services. It’s particularly effective for reaching local markets and demographics less inclined to engage online, helping agents build a strong, local brand presence and drive engagement.

Full Service Printing for Real Estate

Real estate agents need a full-service print company to ensure all their marketing materials are professional, consistent, and impactful. A partnership with a print service provider guarantees high-quality prints for everything from property brochures and direct mail campaigns to business cards and outdoor banners. A full-service printer like One Stop Mail can provide valuable design input, ensuring materials are visually appealing and align with the agent’s brand identity.

This collaboration streamlines the process, saving agents time and allowing them to focus more on serving their clients and closing deals, while their marketing needs are expertly handled.

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