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Multi-Channel Direct Mail Increases Conversions 23-46%

Elevate your direct mail effectiveness with LIFT, our cutting-edge marketing platform designed to seamlessly blend digital interactions into your campaigns. Achieve over 30% higher response rates by engaging your audience through 8-12 targeted digital touchpoints across varied platforms, including social media and Google Ads. Leverage LIFT’s innovative features to amplify your reach and significantly enhance conversion opportunities with every mail piece.


Matches mailing lists with Facebook and Instagram accounts to deliver targeted social ads.

Informed Delivery

Integrates with USPS to add a clickable ad in the daily mail preview email, enhancing visibility.

Online Follow-Up

Uses retargeting ads on the Google Display Network to re-engage visitors who leave a website without converting.

Social Media Follow-Up

Retargets visitors on Facebook and Instagram to remind them of their interest after they leave a website.


Provides data on anonymous site visitors and correlates it with direct mail data to refine future campaigns.

Personalized QR Codes

Uses personalized QR codes to increase engagement and provide detailed tracking of responses.


Track the effectiveness of your campaigns with precision by knowing exactly who responds to your marketing efforts, enabling you to optimize future strategies for even better results.


Allows real-time tracking of mail campaigns to monitor exactly when mail is delivered.


Tracks all calls and texts generated by the campaign, recording contact details of respondents.

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LIFT Digital Integration

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