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Any adult who was raised during the digital age is thought to be tied to their devices and impossible to reach any other way, right?  No!  While it’s counter-intuitive, recent research shows Millennials and direct mail are a near-perfect match. 

Important Stats You Should Know About Millennials and Direct Mail

A 2021 study by US Postal Service (USPS) measured response rates to relevant mail. The surprising statistic is that 88% of Millennials take the time to look at the mail and nearly 60% find the information they receive by mail more useful than email. 

Even better – USPS statistics show that 88% of the mail recipients in this generation take the time to read through the mail to ensure nothing of importance is discarded. 

One would think that this generation would be more connected to online advertisements and emails. After all, the average Millennial spends 5.7 hours on their SmartPhone daily. 

But, consider that it’s virtually impossible to be online for more than a couple of minutes without someone trying to sell you something. In recent years, 91% of consumers said they felt ads were more intrusive than just 2 to 3 years ago, and 87% said there were more ads in general. 

In contrast, direct mail is delivered once daily, it can be set aside and viewed when the recipient is ready.

These mind-blowing stats about Millennials and direct mail are just the start. In this article, you’ll also learn how to market to millennials to get the best response. 

What Millennials Feel About Direct Mail

It’s clear that Millennials don’t just like mail – they love it! But it goes even further – one might say that this generation feels connected to the mail. According to the USPS: 

  • 73% would be upset if they never received mail.
  • 80% look forward to seeing what has been delivered.

These stats suggest a strong bond between Millennials and direct mail. In addition to the high percentage of respondents, they also see collecting the mail as an enjoyable activity and one that would be missed.

Marketing to Millennials Tip#1: Increase the connection your Millennial prospects have to your direct mail and its message by personalizing it. This offers the best chance that your message will be delivered.  

How Millennials Treat Direct Mail

Now that we know mail is anticipated, read, and reviewed, how do Millennial households treat their direct mail? Fortunately, they are the generation that is most likely to carry a piece of direct mail with them into a store – both brick-and-mortar and online. 

  • 66% often bring a direct mail piece into a store. 
  • 67% allow it to guide them to go online. 

The response rate is much lower for Baby Boomers (56% & 42%) and Generation Xers (57% & 54%). 

Marketing to Millennials Tip#2: Add coupon codes to sales offers to encourage customers to either bring the mail and code to your retail shop or go online and enter the code for a discount. 

How Mail Influences the Shopping Preferences of Millennials

Does direct mail influence shopping decisions? According to the USPS report, it influences Millennials more than other generations: 

  • 49% of Millennials prefer shopping at retailers that send them direct mail. 
  • 40% say they regularly purchase products and services that are advertised in the mail. 

Marketing to Millennials Tip#3: To take advantage of these preferences, send multiple mailings to Millennial households. This reminds recipients that you’re a trusted, direct mail advertiser.  

How to be Successful with Millennials and Direct Mail

No matter what your product or service, if Millennials are part of your target audience, direct mail must be a big part of your marketing approach. But it’s more than simply putting a stamp on a postcard and waiting for the sales to roll in. 

Using the right prospecting list is essential to reach a broader audience. If your house list is underperforming, experienced data list experts can help scrub and update the list to get a better response from your next campaign.

Personalize your bulk mailing with variable data printing services can help you influence the reader to connect to your message. The numbers show that Millennials are already connected – but imagine what seeing their name or a personalized offer can accomplish. 

An experienced commercial printer and direct mail marketer can help you plan every step of a successful direct mail campaign. One Stop Mail has more than 35-years of experience guiding businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve the results they want from their direct mail. 

When it’s time for your next direct mail campaign, contact One Stop Mail at 602.233.3003. 


Updated 6.1.2021


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