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5 Tips for Winning Votes with Campaign Mailers: Political Campaign Marketing Part 1

Running a political campaign requires a delicate balance of using funds wisely, while also projecting your message and/or platform to as many people as possible. While television and print ads can be effective, they are also expensive and will quickly eat up resources.

Direct mail campaign marketing can be just as effective, accomplishing the same great results in a more cost-effective manner. Political mailers are also a powerful way to deliver your message directly to voters and inspire them to support your campaign.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five best tips for creating and sending campaign direct mail. We’ll also cover the multitude of benefits of a well-designed political direct mail campaign that will take your outreach strategies to the next level.

The Power of Political Direct Mail

Using direct mail for your political campaign comes with a host of important benefits compared to other strategies.

With political direct mail, you can:

  • Capture voter’s attention: Research shows that direct mail open rates can reach 90% compared to an average email open rate of about 20%!
  • Increase awareness: One USPS survey found that 80% of surveyed voters said direct mail increases awareness of which candidates are running, while 75% said it provides a helpful starting point to learn more information about them.
  • Win undecided and swing votes: According to a new survey, 58% of swing voters found direct mail either “very helpful” or “somewhat helpful” in deciding who to vote for.
  • Campaign direct mail to support your messageAdd a personal touch: Direct mail campaigns are customizable and personalized, adding an authentic touch. In fact, 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.
  • Build Trust: A recent voter survey commissioned by the United States Postal Service, found that 68% of all surveyed voters ranked direct mail among the three most credible forms of political outreach.
  • Inspire Action: Research has found that almost two-thirds (64%) of surveyed voters take action online after reading political mail pieces.

5 Tips for Political Campaign Mailers

While incorporating direct mail is already an effective way of reaching voters, there are certain strategies you can use to maximize the effects and increase your campaign’s reach.

1.  Design

The way you present your messaging can make a big difference in whether or not it reaches your desired audience. Some important design elements to include in your mailers are:

  • Easy to read fonts
  • Balanced use of white space
  • Short headlines
  • Professional, high-resolution graphics and photos

2.  Clear and Informative Copy

Political direct mail register to vote stamp

You’ll want to keep your messages simple and pointed, yet captivating enough to secure voters’ attention.

Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) deliver important information to the reader, while simultaneously directing them with what to do next. Examples include phrases like “register to vote by [date]” or “return your ballot by [date].”

You can also include the address of a website they can visit for more information or even a scannable QR code that takes them there directly.

3.  Timing

Take note of how many touchpoints it will take to reach voters and what the timeline of this process might be. Garnering the attention of early voters is a great way to help map out the future success of your campaign.

That being said, if you’re working with a limited budget, it may be a better idea to wait until the final 90 days to begin sending political campaign mailers. In fact, research shows that most voters don’t become involved in campaign activities until this time.

4.  Inspire Action Across Channels

Inspire action with political direct mail

Reinforcing a consistent message across all channels can help build trust in the eyes of your intended voters. The internet landscape now means that political mail can be more powerful than ever, when used as part of an integrated, ongoing, omnichannel experience for your candidate’s supporters and potential voters.

Examples of these combined strategies could include:

  • Informed delivery campaigns
  • Retargeting website visitors with a postcard
  • QR code call-out to drive website visits (in the last election cycle, 27% of national voters and 25% of millennial voters visited a campaign website using a QR code from a piece of direct mail)
  • Social media posts/sponsored ads or content

5.  Choose the Right Mailing List

Finally, you’ll want to be sure to choose the right kind of direct mailing list for your campaign’s needs. Targeted political mailing lists (with demographics such as age, gender, income, party affiliation, etc.) will help your mailers reach the voters that are most likely to respond to your campaign.

Another great strategy is to target newly registered or undecided voters, or even voters who have recently moved to your district. If your campaign is being run in a specific location, EDDM lists can help you target voters locally, by sending your political mail to all homes in your campaign’s district.

*Bonus Tip* Use the USPS Tag 57 for your political mail

The USPS Tag 57 is a red tag that identifies a mail piece as part of a political campaign. This helps to ensure that your important mail is processed and does not get lost in transit.

Keep in mind, Tag 57 is only intended to make the mailing more visible to USPS personnel during processing, so you won’t be guaranteed a faster delivery.

Connect with Voters – Prepare Your Political Mailers Now!

Direct mail can be a fantastic addition to your campaign outreach efforts, but it doesn’t end there! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog, where we’ll talk about printed campaign materials such as flyers/posters, signs and banners, table covers, and more!

There is so much involved in running a political campaign. Let us take this task off your plate! One Stop Mail is a full-service direct mail agency. Our experts can handle your political direct mail from start to finish, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Lists and Data Services
  • Offset and Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Mailing and Tracking
  • Integrated Marketing Platform

Ready to learn more about your options and create your own political direct mail campaign plan? Reach out to us today at (602) 223-3003 or contact us.

Want even more political direct mail marketing tips? READ PART 2



Want to Entice Clients? See Irresistible Offer Examples

What makes a coupon compelling? What makes an offer truly irresistable? No matter how great your postcard design is, direct mail that doesn’t offer anything of value are, well, worthless. There are three types of direct mail offers that work best:

  1. Lead magnet freebie – A coupon that offers something free that can be attained with little effort or commitment.
  2. Tripwire – An offer of something of value that has a low barrier to entry at a substantially reduced cost.
  3. Promotional Discount – An offer that gives a percentage discount on specific or sets of products and services.

We dive into each of these types of direct mail offers, how to think about designing a promotional coupon to get the most out of your mail marketing, and examples of direct mail advertising.

Coupon Offer Type 1: Lead Magnet Freebie

The quid-pro-quo of marketing, a lead magnet requires the business to provide a freebie in exchange for an opt-in or participation from the prospective customer. A few examples of irresistible lead magnets can include free product, a significant discount, product trial or giveaway.

Irresistible offer examples that are lead magnets include:

  • Tony’s Pizza gives a voucher for an absolutely free personal pizza to new residents in the city.
  • AAA+ Automotive provides absolutely free basic diagnostic via an OBD Scanner to get people in his shop.
  • Grandview Timeshares provides a $100 restaurant gift card in exchange for participating in a presentation.
  • Sarah’s Insurance gives all prospects a $10.00 gas card for getting an insurance quote through her agency.

Coupon Offer Type 2: Tripwire

Creating a low barrier entry point for prospective clients is a great way to let consumers test a company’s products or services without having to commit to a large purchase. A tripwire aims to capture a greater amount of new customers by casting a wider net and luring them in with a low-cost offering.

An example of this might be an HVAC business offering a cleaning and inspection for $49.00. This provides a service which may not be incredibly lucrative but allows the company to do business with the homeowner. As additional services are needed it becomes easier to sell the client higher priced items or services based on the established business relationship.

Examples of great tripwires include:

  • Perfect Auto & Mechanic is offering a $30.00 oil change and multi-point inspection. Irresistible offer examples like this in hopes to uncover additional repair needs.
  • A’s Pizza & Brewery sells $2.00 slices during lunchtime to help increase familiarity with their dinner menu and ideally bring the whole family.
  • West Park Valley Dealership is offering a $300.00 ‘Sell Your Car’ detailing package which gets your vehicle to a pristine state. Their emphasis is to get people to test drive and buy vehicles since they know the detailing customers are looking to sell their vehicle.

Coupon Offer Type 3: Standard Promotion

A promotion can simply be a discounted percentage or variable offer and still produce a high conversion rate. Although standard promotions are most commonly seen in marketing, they are often poorly implemented.

direct mail couponsOne of the most important aspects of a standard promotion is to include an urgency factor such as a time constraint for redemption.

Examples of standard promotions include:

  • Jeff’s Dog Grooming offers 15% off a bath and haircut service.
  • Golden Hair Salon is marketing a promotion that gives $10.00 off a cut and color.
  • Ray’s Tires is giving a 4th tire free when you purchase three at full price.

Types of Irresistible Offer Examples

Keep in mind consumers are advertised constantly and in every aspect of life. Via cell phone apps, Facebook, Instagram, billboards, radio, TV, you name it. An offer has to really sizzle to make a consumer decide to purchase or opt-in. A great incentive will be the differentiating factor between you and your competition.

If you own a lawn care business, you know that 95% of your customers will need to use you more than once, so it makes logical sense to offer a steeper initial discount in an effort to persuade the prospect to choose you over the competition. Here are offer incentives ranked from most to least effective.


FREE – Everyone loves free. When Iron Strength Karate is gearing up for summer and back to school promotions they offer a completely free karate uniform. Dave, the owner, understands the initial investment eliminates the entry barrier for most families and is able to maintain most students as customers for years. Due to the


Dollar Amount Off – Getting a set amount off a product or service is great. Consumers don’t have to guess or do the math to understand the savings and benefit. Customers will be more inclined to frequent your business versus competition and have increased loyalty if they feel you provide a good value.


Percent Off – We’ve all see discounts ranging from 5-75%+ off. Although consumers do redeem these offers, they’re often difficult to understand. Unless a buyer thoroughly knows your pricing beforehand, it’s tough to get an idea of true savings and often requires a calculation. This method makes it difficult for a consumer to understand the value. Additionally, many buyers feel that percentage discounts are played out and often feel prices are artificially inflated to give a false sense of savings.

Why Coupons In The Mail Work

Direct mail coupons and offers are some of the most successful types of marketing your business can do. Let’s examine why coupons can help motivate your potential customers.

irresistible offer examplesReason for Purchase: A discount or special freebie can help sway a customer who’s hesitant to buy a product or give people a reason to use your company over others. This added motivation will entice them to purchase.

Perceived Value: Feeling you got a deal or are getting something of value at a lower than market cost is a fantastic feeling. Coupons allow people to feel that sense of satisfaction while also giving you their patronage.

Urgency and Scarcity: Coupons often come with expiration dates or limited quantities, creating a sense of urgency and scarcity. This also motivates customers to take action quickly or by a certain time period to avoid missing out on the deal.

Customer Acquisition and Retention: Deals that are exclusive to a type of customer allow you to target your marketing and boost new or existing customer sales. Certain coupon offers can motivate customers to join or return.

Promotional and Marketing Tool: If you have a larger marketing campaign, coupons or special offers can supplement that campaign by promoting new products, clearing out old inventory or even creating buzz around your business.

Competitive Advantage: If you’re offering a coupon through mail and your competitors aren’t, you have a huge advantage in getting chosen by cost-conscious shoppers solely because your have a discount.

Trial and Adoption: There are times when people are ready to try new things, a direct mail coupon can be an excellent way to convince people to try your business and become loyal customers.

Word-of-Mouth and Referrals: When customers feel they got a great deal through a coupon, they are more likely to share their positive experience with friends and family. This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to new customer referrals.

Customer Value

Ultimately what you’re willing to spend or give in exchange to acquire a new customer will depend on what you are willing to invest to earn the client over your competition. It makes far more sense to invest in a new client upfront rather than having to win them over from the competition.

The cost of a new customer with incentives factored in can actually have a higher customer value over customers acquired without incentives. With the examples of direct mail marketing we’ve reviewed, you should have a good idea as to some do’s and don’ts of creating a compelling offer.Consumers see marketing promotions as a positive benefit and are much more likely to become loyal, repeat customers.

There are many steps to a successful direct marketing campaign – don’t just add a call to action on a post card and go it alone. An experienced direct mail company, like One Stop Mail can build a specific customized mailing lists, offer diverse printing options and can execute crucial elements of your campaign. Give us a call at 877-371-4004 or reach out to us to discover how we can help you make your next campaign successful.


*Blog updated 8/8/2023

Direct Mail Partnership Happy Client

5 Signs You Need A New Direct Mail Vendor

Are you happy with your direct mail vendor? Do you think they could be doing a better job?

There is a lot that goes into an effective direct mail campaign. Choosing a highly qualified direct mail vendor can be the difference between a successful direct mail campaign and a poorly performing campaign.

Here are 5 signs you need a new direct mail vendor.

They Provide Incomplete Success Metrics

Tying your marketing investments to profit is critical to understanding what type of marketing works for your business and which ones don’t. Direct mail vendors that don’t track your performance will hinder your ability to be successful.

Metrics you should expect from your direct mail company include or help you calculate:

  • Detailed response rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lifetime value

With the detailed data that comes from these metrics, you can identify which campaigns are working and better focus your marketing on your most likely prospects. You will see better engagement, more conversions, and you’ll eliminate the cost of targeting unlikely prospects.

They Can’t Integrate Into Other Marketing Efforts

Direct mail is generally one part of your larger, overall marketing plan. To reach your customers where they are, which is everywhere, your direct mail efforts should be choreographed with other marketing efforts such as email and social media.

Integrated multichannel marketing can increase the success of your direct mail campaigns and marketing strategy as a whole. If your current provider does not offer integration as part of their direct mail solutions, look for a company that can:

  • Target customers through direct mail AND online
  • Online and social media follow-up
  • Allow for multi-media efforts (QR codes, unique purchasing incentives)

See increased success with a direct mail vendor that can help you combine direct mail with digital marketing. Marketers see conversion rates of 40% in campaigns that combine direct mail and digital marketing. Also, customers targeted with multichannel marketing spend three to four times more than single-channel customers.

Reach out to learn how you can boost success with One Stop Mail’s integrated marketing platform- LIFT.

Your Current Direct Mail Provider Has Ineffective Graphic Design

direct mail integration

It’s not enough to have a good product and just send a mailer. You have to capture the customer’s attention in order to tell them about it. That’s why graphic design is is vital to effective direct marketing solutions.

Not all direct mail providers do graphic design for mailers in-house. Even providers that claim to offer graphic design services, don’t necessarily do it well.

While this is subjective, ask yourself how the results of your direct mail campaign match up with your expectations. If there’s a gap between expectations and results you may need to find a vendor with better graphic design.

Compare your results with industry standards. The average response rate for most direct mail is between 2% and 4%. Response rates can fluctuate depending on your industry and the type of direct mail sent (postcards have the highest response rate). Higher response rates can be seen in

  • Real estate
  • Car sales
  • Charities
  • Medical practices
  • Home improvements

If your direct mail campaigns are not meeting expectations, maybe you need a more effective graphic design that is eye-catching, on brand, and has a clear call-to-action.

They Have Bad Targeting & Lists

Direct mail success starts with targeting the right customers and knowing which type of list to use. The right list will put your mailer in the hands of the most likely prospects and valuable customers.

Similar to graphic design, you can look at your direct mail results and key performance indicators to see if your direct mail vendor is targeting the right customers.

Look for companies that provide you with different types of lists and good reasoning on when to choose which type of list:

  • EDDM lists by zip-code/mailing routes
  • Demographic-based targeting
  • Consumer behavior-based targeting
  • Business-to-business mailing lists

They Treat You Like A Source Of Profit – Not A Partner

There are no statistics to cite when evaluating this – it’s a feeling you have as a customer. Yes, you want a direct mail provider with industry experience and expertise, but you also want a partner who that understands no two businesses are the same and is driven to help you succeed.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Has your mailing house taken the time to get to know your organization’s unique needs?
  • Do they respond timely and thoughtfully to your questions or requests?
  • Do you know members of their team or just the person doing the selling?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to find a direct mail partner that is invested in your success.


Partner With a Direct Mail Vendor That Does it All

If you’re not happy with your current direct mail provider, it’s time to make a change and partner with one of the best mailing companies.

One Stop Mail has nearly 40 years of print and direct mail services. Your success is our success, and we believe that you deserve quality direct mail design, printing, and mailing services. We work to discover your business’ untapped potential and find ways to continue to expand your influence in your market and succeed in your business.

One Stop Mail provides everything you need for a successful direct mail campaign from start to finish. Our innovative team is committed to crafting direct mailing solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Ready to Make a Change and Boost Your Direct Mail Results?

Contact the team at One Stop Mail to learn how we can help boost your direct mail results and request a free quote.

Man holding tablet with integrated marketing campaign

Integrated Marketing Tips For Mailers & Flyers

Combining both digital and physical channels into an integrated marketing strategy is a fantastic way to create brand awareness and generate new leads.

While digital marketing offers many cost-effective ways to increase customer engagement, physical advertising allows you to cut through the digital clutter and connect with your consumers directly. In fact, 70% of consumers believe that printed materials offer a more personal experience, compared to online targeting alone.

By combining your online marketing and direct mail marketing you can create a powerful integrated marketing strategy with even greater results!

components of integrated marketingCut Through Digital Clutter and Target New Consumers

Marketing your business online is important, but relying too much on digital advertising is an inefficient strategy.

With so many websites using online ads, it can be really difficult for your brand to stand out in the vast digital marketing landscape. Customers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day and often wish for a “digital detox.” This is where direct mail enters your integrated marketing communications strategy.

Direct mail campaigns are an incredibly effective physical channel, as they offer another dimension to online advertising that is very personalized. With direct mailing lists, you can segment your consumers and potential leads in thoughtfully targeted ways.

Mailing lists can be separated into multiple different segments, including:

  • Location
  • Area
  • Demographic
  • Just moved
  • New homeowner

These specialized segments become even more powerful marketing tools when combined with digital campaign data and targeting. Using digital tracking with your direct mail campaign will help you to reach consumers in innovative ways that most of your online competitors don’t even know about! Effective tracking methods include:

  • Trackable phone numbers
  • Trackable URLs
  • Coupon codes
  • QR codes

You will know when a potential customer engages with your direct mail piece, and then you can follow up on digital channels.

Match Mail Leads With Online Users For Multichannel Marketing

One of the benefits of using digital targeting with direct mail as a component of integrated marketing is that you can match leads from your campaign directly to each consumer’s online activities. Using this strategy, you can:

Expose leads to the same compelling messaging at multiple touchpoints.

Integrated advertising allows you to create a cohesive narrative for your brand that reaches potential leads at each step of the marketing funnel. Sending your message physically and digitally helps keep your brand top of mind and maximizes the impact of your campaign as a whole.

Retarget specific customers who are most likely to convert into sales.

Studies have found that retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert! Take advantage of this opportunity by tracking which leads have shown the most interest and offering them a deal they can’t refuse. With retargeting, you can create personalized content that gives potential customers the gentle nudge they need to complete their journey.

Gain more demographic information, such as addresses and phone numbers.

The more demographic information you can gather, the easier it will be to reach your target audience. Gaining specific information, like addresses and phone numbers, will allow you to follow up on a lead’s online interest with personalized mailers and flyers sent directly to their door.

You will also be able to get specific information about each lead that visits your website. With digital tracking, you can see what actions each potential customer took while they were on your site – even if it was no action at all! This creates an overall more efficient lead-tracking strategy and will help you determine how successful your integrated marketing campaign efforts have been so far.

Woman holding phone with multichannel marketing strategy

Localize Content & Test Marketing Messaging

Cohesive and memorable messaging is a key part of any well-rounded marketing strategy. Testing and refining your company’s messaging is also crucial to effectively reach the right audience. With integrated direct mail campaigns, you can target and track your strategy’s success like never before.

You can use this opportunity to test marketing copy or even personalized incentives by targeting similar neighborhoods with localized messaging. Localizing your direct mail messaging to specific neighborhoods or zip codes provides multiple key advantages.

  1. Test the effectiveness of each marketing message by comparing results between different neighborhoods and zip codes. Advertising that works well in one area may not necessarily have the same impact in another.
  2. Identify which area has shown the strongest interest and increase your digital marketing efforts to target these potential customers. This is a simple and cost-effective way to focus on the leads that are most likely to convert.
  3. Better target multilingual customers, by learning what languages are spoken in certain areas. Creating a personalized experience goes in a long way in building and maintaining brand loyalty. Residents will appreciate the extra effort and you’ll be able to get your message out to a wider array of people.

paper with the benefits of integrated marketing

See Results with an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Both physical and digital marketing come with their own unique benefits and strengths. Get the best of both worlds when you combine your online marketing and direct mail marketing using LIFT’s integrated advertising technologies.

An integrated marketing plan can help you maximize campaign results, increase ROI, generate new leads, and build a loyal customer base.

Level up your marketing game with LIFT multichannel marketing platform and combine the strengths of direct and digital advertising. Get in touch with the experts at One Stop Mail to get started today!

One Stop Mail Monthly Direct Mail Can Boost Business

5 Ways Monthly Direct Mail Marketing Can Boost Business Now

If sales are slow or you’re looking to expand your business, it is necessary to find new and innovative ways to reach your target audience. Direct mail may be a part of your current strategy, but have you tried monthly mailers to benefit from the full potential of this marketing tool?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the optimal direct mail frequency is every 21 days, or about once per month. Below are the top five ways monthly mailers can boost business as a standalone campaign or as part of a multi touch campaign.

Increased Brand Awareness: Reach vs. Frequency

In general terms, reach is how many people see your advertising, while frequency is how many times your advertising is seen. In direct mail marketing, frequency wins. Strong recognition with a select audience is more valuable than weak recognition with a wide audience. If you’ve made frequent contact with the right set of potential customers, your brand or service will be top of mind when your recipient is ready to make a purchasing decision.

The main reason for sending out direct mail is to increase revenue for your business. To do this, you first have to increase awareness. The Marketing Rule of 7 is the idea that a potential customer needs to see your messaging 7 times before they take action. The brand awareness from monthly mailers will create referral traffic from recipients who have physically seen and touched your brand multiple times.

Engage Customers with Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that is always changing and evolving. You don’t want to send the same mailer over and over again.

Engage Customers with Dynamic Content

Monthly mailers give you the opportunity to change components such as:

  • layout and design
  • call to action (CTA) – the ask at the end of your mailer (purchase now, call to book, etc.)
  • new offers.

Keep it fresh to show that your company is dynamic and keeping up with the latest trends. Show off everything you have to offer with:

  • seasonal and timely content
  • targeted incentives
  • matching branding for recognition
  • quality printed materials.

Infrequent, irregular, or one-off communications don’t deliver on the level the customers expect. Branded, dynamic marketing works, especially when provided frequently.

More Personalized Marketing

Get to know your customers and allow them to get to know you with monthly engagement. In this era of digital connection, people expect you to know what they want. “Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions.

Personalized direct mail marketing includes:

  • Relevant product/service recommendations
  • Messaging tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Targeted promotions
  • Celebration of customer milestones such as birthdays or anniversaries with the company
  • Post-purchase follow-up

Direct marketing can help boost business by providing customers with incentives, such as discounts or free trials, that make them more likely to purchase a product or service. This is especially compelling for business new to a specific area, or for potential customers that have just moved to a neighborhood.

Improved Campaigns with Direct Mail AttributionOne Stop Mail Direct Mail Attribution

Monthly direct mail provides businesses with the opportunity to gather more data on customer behavior and preferences and better understand your target audience.

To help track key information, include:

  • QR codes
  • call tracking phone numbers
  • customized URLs
  • unique promo codes

You can use this data to adapt future direct mail campaigns to be more effective and to help you make more informed business decisions. You can also link it with digital or multi-touch campaigns for better reach.

Monthly Mailers Have Better ROI

All of the above add up to better ROI on direct mail for your marketing campaigns. Your direct mail campaigns have a goal to generate leads, raise brand awareness, and ultimately make sales. You increase the chances of that happening, and therefore boost your ROI, when you send out monthly mailers.

It’s proven that consistency pays off. “Only 2% of sales are made on the first contact, 3% on the second contact, 5% on the third, and 10% on the fourth. A whopping 80% of sales are made on the 5th-to-12th follow-up.” Don’t miss out, plan your monthly mailers as part of a long-term solution.

Consistency is Key

Managing a monthly direct mail campaign on your own can be time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. This is where partnering with a direct mail vendor can help.

You want to partner with a direct mail vendor that can consistently produce direct mail pieces that are eye-catching, high-quality, personalized, and trackable at the volume and rate ideal for your business. One Stop Mail has the experience and expertise to handle every step of your direct mail campaign.

If you’re ready to boost business with monthly direct mail, contact us for a quote today!

Pros and cons of direct mail printers

Why A Mailing House Is Better Than A Printer For Direct Mail

Running a successful direct mail campaign requires more than an idea and a mailing list. To get your campaign into the mailboxes of prospects it takes graphic design, a curated mailing list, a quality printer, and a marketing strategy to tie it all together. Then you need a way to track and measure it all to know what worked and what needs improvement.

As a business, handling everything it takes to get a direct mail campaign off the ground can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can choose from several business partners to get the job done, including direct mail printers and mail houses. While it’s true that most direct mail printers offer some mailing house services, and most mail houses offer printing services, that doesn’t mean they are equal.

Direct Mail Printers vs Mail Houses

Is there an advantage to choosing one over the other? Yes, there are several and we’re going to talk about the top four reasons you should partner with a full-service mail house for your next direct mail campaign.

Notebook with information about direct mail campaigns, and process for campaigns

Why You Should (Almost) Always Choose a Mailing House

Exactly what is a mail house? A mail house, or mailing house, acts as a one-stop-shop for all your direct mail needs. They print your materials, handle the mailing process through the United States Postal Service (USPS), obtain viable mailing lists for your campaign, and track campaign results. In many ways, mail houses become a temporary team member, helping your company execute on your direct mail campaign ideas.

A direct mail printer may offer services that appear similar at first, but in reality, their expertise centers on the printing process. While having quality printed materials is important, it means very little if you can’t get those materials in front of the right people. On the other hand, a mailing house not only prints your materials, but has expertise where it matters most – getting your campaign into the homes of prospects.

Mail houses have industry-tested strategies and tactics designed to make your direct mail campaigns successful. When you add it all together, it’s easy to see why mailing houses are usually the best option for businesses. Still not convinced that mail houses are the best choice? Let’s look at some of the specific ways they excel compared to direct mail printers.

Direct Mail Automation

One of the key benefits of working with a mail house is direct mail automation. This streamlines and automates some of the more tedious aspects of your direct mail campaign. The end result is a hassle-free experience with no time wasted on the logistics of mailing thousands of pieces of mail. It also reduces the cost of direct mail campaigns, stretching your marketing dollar.

Better Mailing Lists

Another advantage of working with a mailing house is having access to, and help with, mailing lists. Experts agree that direct mail is a viable part of a multichannel marketing strategy but it only works if your mail ends up in the right hands. This requires a good list but you also have to understand mailing list options and select the best one for your campaign. A mailing house has a great deal of experience with lists and can help you make choices that set the stage for a successful campaign.

Board with arrows that point to efficiency, cost, and speed

USPS Address Verification

Mailing houses help ensure that you’re sending mail to updated and accurate addresses by verifying them through the USPS address verification system. This helps your campaign materials get to the right people, but it also saves postage and printing cost by reducing the risk of undeliverable mail. Direct mail printers generally have less experience with this, so you may spend money sending your campaign materials to bad addresses.

Optimized Campaigns

Mail houses have specialized knowledge and experience tracking and measuring the success of direct mail campaigns. This means you don’t need to have a direct mail expert on your team to leverage direct mail in your marketing efforts. The right mailing house can help you launch, optimize and evaluate the success of your campaign. They can even confirm delivery and help mitigate postage price fluctuations by finding ways to reduce costs, such as bulk mail discounts.

While a direct mail printer may have considerable printing knowledge, they may not have all the tools you need for your campaign to be a success. This makes choosing a mailing house a smart decision for your business, especially if you have a small marketing team, limited direct-mail experience and are budget-conscious. Not only will a mailing house print your campaign materials, but they can also deliver those materials to high-value prospects and offer insight and guidance along the way.

Full Service Mail House

One Stop Mail is more than just your average mail house- we are a direct mail marketing partner. The experts at our full service mail house are here to help with your direct mail campaign from start to finish. We will help you find the right mailing list to meet your goals, create customized direct mail designs, personalize your mailers with variable data printing, and mail your pieces in an efficient and timely manner.

If you have questions about direct mail campaigns, how to leverage the services of a mailing house, or how One Stop Mail can help improve your campaigns, call (602) 233-3003 or drop us a line today.

Mailbox with nonprofit mail postage

Amplify Donations with Direct Mail Nonprofit Postage Rates

As part of a nonprofit organization, you work hard for donations and do everything you can to wisely use every donated dollar that comes in. One way you can wisely use donations and maximize the efficiency of your campaigns is to send direct mail at discounted nonprofit postage rates.

Qualifying nonprofits can save up to 60% on postage. In addition to saving money with reduced postage rates, nonprofit direct mail can increase engagement, grow your donor list, and boost the success of your fundraising campaigns.

Easily Apply for Nonprofit Postage Rates

If you don’t already have a nonprofit postage permit, applying is simple. If you work in any of the following types of nonprofit organizations, you are eligible for the discounted rate:

  • Agricultural
  • Educational
  • Fraternal
  • Labor
  • Philanthropic
  • Religious
  • Scientific
  • Veterans
  • Some Political Committees

All you need to do is fill out this form (PS Form 3624) and submit it to the USPS. Please note, you might have to attach additional paperwork to the form including tax documents.

If you have a large bulk mailing project coming up soon—for instance, you are preparing to send out some direct mail for your church or for a fundraising campaign—you can go ahead and fill out the form now and send the mail at the regular price. Then once you are approved for your nonprofit postage permit, you can apply for a refund.

To help expedite the process, or if you need assistance along the way, you can also work with a nonprofit direct mail pro.

Nonprofit donation form sent via mailMaximize Donation Dollars

With nonprofit postage rates, you can save up to 60% on postage, ultimately saving your organization hundreds or thousands of dollars. To get an idea of how much you will pay, first read the nonprofit mailing rules to make sure your direct mail piece qualifies, and then enter your mailer information into the USPS postage calculator. The calculator will quickly give you a chart with prices.

Stretch your donation dollars even further by partnering with a direct mail company and using their imprint indicia as opposed to manually applying pre-canceled nonprofit stamps. The indicia is printed on your mailer during the initial printing saving time and money.

Additional savings may also be available if your mailers are all going to the same area code or even neighboring area codes. Get mailing lists based on your ideal donor in specific locations to maximize your savings.

Adult couple looking at nonprofit mailReach Ideal Donors with Acquisition Lists

Send your nonprofit direct mail to your ideal donor using acquisition lists. These mailing lists are typically rented through a direct mail company that helps you find the best lists to meet your organization’s goals. You can get mailing lists based on recipient:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Previous engagement with nonprofits
  • And more!

Targeting like-minded donors using acquisition lists can amplify your nonprofit savings even further. By sending mailers to the “right” people, you increase engagement, response rates, donations, and ROI.

Engaging Nonprofit Mailers

Build your fundraising campaign around a mix of mailers including postcards, personalized letters, event invitations, organization information, etc. Concise, easily scannable postcards can be sent at a very low cost. Include QR codes on postcards to increase engagement and direct recipients to your website or donation platform.

Letters sent in large envelopes, or flats, demonstrate value and importance and often have higher engagement rates. The larger size gives you the space to describe the purpose of your organization, how you use donations, and share success stories.

Fortunately, the nonprofit permit also allows you to send larger pieces at the discounted rate. You can send mailers weighing up to 3.3 ounces compared to 1 ounce for the regular first-class rate without increased postal fees.

You can also increase engagement by personalizing direct mail with the recipient’s name and a custom message and by making it easy for recipients to engage with your organization and send donations. Consider direct mail that includes:

  • Buckslips
  • QR codes
  • Donation forms and envelopes
  • Perforated tear-offs to subscribe to newsletters or request more information

Pile of nonprofit mail for donations

Work with a Direct Mail Company for Fundraising Campaigns

At One Stop Mail, we are happy to work with nonprofit organizations and help make any and all mail-related processes go as smoothly as possible. We understand how busy you are, and we are proud to help streamline mailing processes that will save you and your nonprofit time, effort, and money.

We can benefit nonprofits in a number of ways, including:

  • Offering access to targeted direct mailing lists.
  • List and data cleaning.
  • In-house designers for eye-catching mail pieces.
  • Variable printing for more personalized mailers.
  • Experience dealing with the United States Postal Service, including the USPS nonprofit application.

Reach out to the experts at One Stop Mail to learn how to get started!

crush sales goals

7 Industries Still Crushing Sales Goals with Direct Mail Marketing

These 7 industries rely on direct mailer companies to crush marketing goals and catapult sales because results are trackable and consistent. Using direct mail marketing campaigns is a vital part of an overall marketing strategy that these businesses use every day.

Read on to get best-bet tips that have proven successful in these industries (and check out the free ebook download offer with 25 pages of information you can use to connect with your customers)! Learn who uses direct mail, the types of direct mail and why direct mail is so effective for these businesses.

1.) Real Estate Brokers & Agents – EDDM Efficiency

Need a quick listing to sell or have real estate you need to move? Every Door Direct Mail is a powerful tool that allows for tracking methods to be used.  Real estate agents are using Mail Marketing to get in the door.

As an agent you can utilize direct mail to advertise a home for sale – Try sending direct mail postcards or direct mail letters to homes in neighborhoods that fit buyer requirements. If you’re trying to sell a condominium or townhouse, sending mailers to apartment communities is a great way to reach enthusiastic first-time home buyers. To get that million-dollar listing–send your Direct Mail Postcards to upscale homes telling them why it’s a great time to sell and what makes you the perfect broker or agent! 

Learn more about EDDM and how you use it to effectively canvass neighborhoods. Or check out our real estate direct mail services to see how you can target and attract the clients you need to crush your real estate sales goals.

2.) Car Dealerships – Lead Targeting

With strategic data segmentation designed around car buyers, the right direct mail marketing company can create successful direct mail campaigns for dealerships.

Postcard Mailers are a great way to reach out to people based on geographic location. Whether you’re selling luxury vehicles, mid-range, or even entry-level used cars, direct mail postcards can be the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign. Many car dealerships will feature promotional vehicle pricing to get buyers on the lot, mail out scratch-to-win postcards, and instant discount coupons. Use direct mail marketing to get the word out for your next super sale event, you’ll regret it if you don’t.  

One cost-effective way car dealerships crush their sales goals is with direct mail postcards.

3.) Charities (Non-Profits) – Cost Effective Fund-Raising

Fundraising simplified, direct mail marketing campaigns are the ideal way to get back in touch with previous donors, find new donors, and recruit potential volunteers. One of the biggest obstacles charities face is getting their message out there, often due to limited staff which is why they often turn to direct mail agencies. 

Your charity can reach out and ask for donations in a non-invasive manner,  simplifying the donation process with easy-to-use return mail envelopes. Canvas no more! With Every Door Direct, you can be certain that your powerful message will reach every home in the neighborhood or city you target.

Here are 5 surefire tactics Non-profits use to crush their donation goals.  Or check out our nonprofit direct mail services to see how you can target and attract the donors you need to fund your mission.

4.) Marketing & Advertising Agencies – Personalization Perks

When you need to drive qualified leads to your ideal customers you need a marketing method that is highly effective and allows for precise tracking. Direct Mail Postcards & Letters are a perfect way to generate high-quality, organic leads for sales teams.

Variable Data Printing ensures the best possible response rate by allowing you to custom-tailor text and images on each individual mail piece. Don’t be shy, if your client is a veterinarian who wants to ensure his valuable clients keep coming back – Direct Mail is perfect. A customized postcard saying, “Honey is due for her annual check-up!” is a great way to personalize the messaging and show your customers you care. Whether you are sending service reminders or building brand ambassadors via birthday postcards, Direct Mail Marketing is the answer for any marketing strategy.

5.) Schools – For Parents & Students

Charter and private schools are a perfect solution for advertising enrollment and keeping in touch with parents. With Direct Mail you can be confident that you’ll reach the right demographic and families with close proximity.

If you need to remind families of important dates, events, or messages you can send Postcards are a perfect way to notify families of important announcements even on short notice!

6.) Medical Offices – New & Existing Patients

Dentists, physical therapists, physicians, veterinarians, and other medical professionals rely on regularly scheduled appointments to maintain consistency within the business. Direct Mail is a great way to wish patients a happy birthday or remind them of an upcoming appointment or annual exam.

For new patients, send direct mail promotions, new patient coupons and even let them know you’re accepting new clients.

Or check out our medical and healthcare direct mail services to see how you can target and attract the patients you need to increase the bottom line of your practice.

7.) Solar companies – Better Than Knocking

Let’s be honest, canvassing on foot is brutal. The best direct mail campaigns are the ones that allow you to target specific neighborhoods so you’re not walking around a neighborhood endlessly or sending postcards to apartment complexes.

With quality Data Services, for example, you can send Postcards to homes where the median home price fits your ideal customer profile, ensuring you the most conversions possible. To get homeowners to call try offering an incentive or free consultation and using a tracking phone number to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

How Can We Help With Your Mailers For Marketing?

When you have questions or want to crush your sales goals with a direct marketing campaign, reach out to us today at contact us today or 602.223.3003. We have years of experience creating effective direct mail campaigns, from conceptualization to deployment.  

Get your 25-page Strategy eBook FREE – Just click the image below!

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Private Schools Science Exploration looking at worm

5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing for Private & Charter Schools

Parents are bombarded daily with digital marketing advertisements. Between email, social media, commercials, etc. it can become overwhelming. The average person receives over 100 emails every day! While people’s inboxes may be flooded, their mailboxes are less so, with an average of only 16 pieces of mail received each week. This makes direct mail marketing efforts highly effective.

Parents do not have time to open, let alone read, all those emails, reflecting the email open rate of only about 30%, whereas direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.

Use direct mail marketing to avoid getting lost in the sea of digital marketing offers parents receive every day. Direct mail is a compelling and unique marketing strategy perfect for:

One Stop Mail Private Schools Marketing Tips Family

  • Schools
  • Community mailers
  • Higher education
  • Family attractions
  • Family events
  • Tutoring services

The majority of people prefer direct mail marketing because it is more personal than online interactions. Direct mail is also sent to a household, whereas email is sent to one specific person. This is significant for educational marketing since it is a personal topic that is likely to be discussed among family members.

The lifespan of marketing materials is also an important factor. Products and services related to education may require a longer decision-making period. An email has a lifespan of only a few seconds, while direct mail’s lifespan averages 17 days.

Parents juggle countless responsibilities, but they will always prioritize educational opportunities for their children that will set them up for a successful future. Use direct mail to quickly show parents how your product or service will improve their child’s life while making their lives easier. Follow these four tips to increase your campaign’s efficiency using direct mail marketing to parents.

Find Family-Friendly Zip Codes to Mail to

You may have informative and well-designed marketing materials, but if they aren’t sent to an appropriate household, then they will not be effective. Looking at all American households, there is an average of less than one school-aged child per housing unit. So it is important to locate zip codes where high percentages of families with children reside.

When compiling or procuring a mailing list of parents, look for:

  • Households with an average size of three or more people.
  • An average age of about 30 years old. Studies have found that parents between the ages of 25 and 44 are more influenced by direct mail marketing than digital marketing.
  • Persons under the age of 10. These children are entering elementary school or preparing for middle school.
  • Persons aged 14 to 20. Children of this age are preparing for high school and college.

One Stop Mail Private Schools Marketing Tips Home

Surprisingly, the type of home can make a difference, too. A study by the National Association of Home Builders found that detached single-family homes have the highest number of school-aged children per unit. Rented units also have more children than owner-occupied units and existing homes have more children than newly constructed homes.

Prioritize zip codes containing larger households with Millennial-aged parents and high numbers of single-family homes. Avoid zip codes with small, older households and newly constructed neighborhoods. The more specific you can get with your target list, the more likely you are to be successful.

Educational Direct Mail NOT Advertorial

You’re not selling the parent a shiny new widget – you are selling an experience, product, or service that will positively impact their child. As such, your marketing materials should be more informational and less advertorial.

Of course, you want to get the parent’s attention, but direct mail affords the unique opportunity to give consumers a tangible experience with your brand. Use the opportunity to show parents why your school, experience, or product is right for their child.

Share information like:

  • Why kids will enjoy this experience
  • What the product or service means for parents
  • Why the barrier to entry is low
  • Concrete facts and statistics about your service’s impact
  • The versatility of your product or service
  • Images of your product in action
  • Testimonials
  • Upcoming events (like open houses or summer camps)

Direct mail, like postcards or event flyers, have a limited amount of space. Studies show that direct mail campaigns are most effective with a digital call-to-action directing them online for more information.

Use Private Schools Marketing To Show Parents Long-term Impact

Education is an investment and parents want to see how that pays off. Demonstrate the value of your opportunity, product, or service by showing parents the long-term impact it will have on their child. It is especially important for charter schools and post-secondary institutions to demonstrate how their school will influence their child’s academic prospects, future career, and success.

One Stop Mail Private Schools Marketing Tips Graduation

Convey impact by including metrics and qualities such as:

  • Lasting skills developed such as creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills.
  • New friendships that teach social skills and relationships for potential networking.
  • Long-term success such as graduation rates, acceptance rates, or increases in test scores.
  • For college-bound students or career/tech schools, include job placement statistics and how your school will equip them to meet workforce demands.

Consider sharing a short success story. Parents want to be able to identify with real people and hear about their experiences with your product. Your current students and their parents are often influential spokespersons.

Parents want to know that they are providing their children with the best opportunities and it’s hard to argue with facts. Sharing information like that listed above is both relevant to your service and a great way to resonate with moms and dads who want the best for their kids.

Speak to Parents’ Direct Needs with Direct Mail

The day-to-day needs of parents will always vary, but a constant is occupying their children with enriching activities that will set them up for future success and ideally are fun and entertaining. This should be a clear message in your direct mail postcards and materials.

Be sure to include:

  • Approximate time activity or school will occupy
  • What their child will enjoy
  • What their child will learn
  • The level of parent commitment
  • How do you provide a safe and supportive community

One Stop Mail Private Schools Marketing Tips Art TeacherParents are busy and appreciate efforts to make their lives easier. Help them by making the message simple and easy to scan for significance. Make additional information easily accessible. Try including a QR code that leads to your website and be sure your contact information is clear.

Above all, parents need peace of mind.

Use your education direct mail to demonstrate the value of your service and show them the benefit and enjoyment their child will receive. Make it a clear and easy choice that gives parents peace of mind knowing their child is happy, well cared for, and receiving enriching opportunities.

Charter Vs. Christian Vs. Private School Marketing

A school could be considered one or any combination of a private, charter, or parochial/Christian school. Use your direct mail messaging to highlight which of these is most core to your school. While these aren’t mutually exclusive to one another, they give your marketing a targeted approach to likely households targeted with mailings.

  • Private Schools – messaging geared towards parents looking to provide a better education/experience for their child.
  • Charter Schools – messaging around alternatives to traditional public education options.
  • Christian Schools – messaging about how faith will help inform and shape a child’s education.

At One Stop Mail, our experts help you with your Direct Mail Marketing from start to finish. From mailing lists to design and fulfillment, our cost-effective services help deliver your message to your ideal customer.

Learn more about our Direct Mail Marketing Services or reach out online to tell us about your project and request a quote.

direct mail advertising costs team celebration

What’s The Cost Of Direct Mail Advertising? Why & How Much

Replenish customers who’ve left! A direct mail marketing campaign gets you a steady flow of new customers. Discover how to calculate and compare costs vs. results to get the best results.