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How to Build Better Targeted Mailing Lists

A direct marketing campaign is expensive and time-consuming - you want to make sure that it pays off the first time so your resources aren't wasted. It's critical to know the steps to build targeted mailing lists so that you can send the right product and offer to the right customers. Learn the steps that will help you cash in on effective offers.
OSM BLOG Tax Postcards

Accountants Get Hefty Returns from Tax Postcards

Tax-time is a stressful time of the year for most humans, but in your world, it can be highly lucrative. Boost revenue by driving new clients to your door with tax postcards that highlight your expertise.
Fitness postcards Work postcard example web

Hey Fitness Industry. Direct Mail Works!

Drive new membership! Reach fitness prospects in your neighborhood with beautifully-printed fitness postcards that help you reach your business goals!
direct mail advertising costs team celebration

What Goes into Direct Mail Advertising Costs

Replenish customers who’ve left! A direct mail marketing campaign gets you a steady flow of new customers. Discover how to calculate and compare costs vs. results to get the best results.
One Stop Mail closeup printing in production web

What is Offset Printing and How Can it Help Your Business Grow? 

Stand out in sales presentations and in customers’ mailboxes! Offset print products showcase your business. We'll help you choose the highest quality, most cost-effective method of printing to meet your goals.
Effective Direct Mail Tracking

Effective Direct Mail: The Benefits of Tracking Your Results

When you design an effective direct mail campaign to get more sales or to build awareness, you don’t have to be anxious and wait for an increase in calls or sales if you track your results. When you measure the results, you’ll know when sales roll in and if your campaign was successful. 

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