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Secure the Win with Printed Campaign Materials: Political Campaign Marketing Part 2

In political elections, especially local elections, it’s no secret that the candidates who attract the most attention have the highest chance of getting elected. So how can you ensure that you’re getting your message out to potential voters?

Printed campaign materials are an essential part of any political marketing strategy and a fantastic way to introduce your platform and message to your target audience. When used in combination with political direct mail marketing, you can create a well-strategized, unified approach that is sure to yield even more powerful results.

Working with a dedicated printing partner can make the entire process easier to manage, while ensuring that your messaging reaches your prospective audience in the most effective way possible.

#1 Priority for Political Campaign Marketing: Name Recognition

While high-profile elections tend to dominate media coverage, smaller, local elections do not. The truth is, the majority of American voters often have very little information about the candidates running in their local elections.

A survey conducted by political scientists found that “in low-information races, a candidate’s name recognition alone positively affects voter support.” This confirms that name recognition is a critical component of securing votes and, ultimately, winning elections.

Finding a way to stand out and be recognizable as a political figure has proven to be an effective and impactful use of campaign time and money. This is where campaign printed materials come in. With the right election printing strategy, you can take your political campaign marketing to the next level.

Maximize the Impact of Your Political Campaign

Well-designed printed political materials can help maximize the impact of your campaign in a multitude of ways.

Legitimacy and Professionalism

High-quality, well-designed printed materials convey a sense of professionalism and provide legitimacy to your campaign messaging. Your printed materials should all appear as part of one unified strategy. The key to making this work is consistency.

Keeping a consistent message throughout your marketing materials signals to voters that you’re a candidate who is serious about your platform and has put a lot of thought and effort into planning your campaign. Receiving consistent messaging will also help voters recognize and remember what you stand for as a candidate.

Spread Your Message and Platform

political candidate on phone talking to a potential supporterArguably the most important way that printed materials can boost your political campaign marketing is by getting your message and platform in front of your target audience. Printed materials can help you engage with potential voters that may not have been reachable using other methods.

The best way to take advantage of these benefits is to ensure that your campaign printed materials contain clear, simple messaging. Through political brochures and mailers, you can lay out your message in a way that is both engaging and educational.

With printed materials like posters and flyers, high-quality images and clear calls-to-action encourage your audience to seek out more information about your campaign. Another benefit of printed materials is that voters can review all of this information at their own pace and refer back to it as needed.

Complements Other Marketing Efforts

Finally, printed materials produce even greater results when used in combination with other political marketing efforts, such as direct mail and digital marketing strategies.

A great example would be the use of QR codes throughout printed materials that direct people to your campaign’s website or social media profiles.This unified approach increases the number of touchpoints in your marketing strategy where you can reach potential voters and encourage them to interact with your campaign.

Essential Printed Campaign Materials

When it comes to printed campaign marketing, there are countless options to choose from. However, there are some printed materials that are considered essential to any well-designed campaign.

These key campaign materials include:

  • person handing out printed campaign materialsCampaign Brochures
  • Yard Signs
  • Rack Cards
  • Table Throws
  • Banners
  • Flyers and Posters
  • Door Hangers
  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mailers

Printed marketing materials can be used in a variety of ways throughout the campaign season. For example, you can help spread your message locally with printed yard signs and custom door hangers.

Another great option is to elevate fundraising events and speaking engagements using personalized table throws and campaign banners. Campaign business cards can also be given to local businesses to hand out to potential voters.

Finally, printed political brochures and mailers can be sent directly to local neighborhoods. Using targeted lists, these materials can even be sent to the potential voters who are most likely to engage with your campaign!

A Dedicated Print Partner for Your Campaign Materials

Printed campaign materials are an essential part of any political marketing plan. Combining them with a well-executed direct mail marketing strategy yields even greater results.

This is why it’s important to choose a political printing partner who will help you get it right the first time. Be sure to choose a company that can print a wide variety of marketing materials, which will save you time, money, and hassle, all while ensuring brand consistency.

You should also look for a company that offers design services, to create a polished, professional look. Finally, if you want to elevate your campaign marketing plan even further, be sure to work with a company that provides multi-channel marketing strategies, like printed collateral, direct mail, and integrated marketing solutions.

If you’re ready to use printed marketing materials to boost your integrated political marketing campaign, contact the experts at One Stop Mail to get started!


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OSM BLOG Tax Postcards

Accountants Get Hefty Returns from Tax Postcards

It’s the start of another tax season! Although most humans find the first quarter of every year cringe-worthy, accountants well-versed in taxes, like you know it can be a highly lucrative time. How do you make it even more profitable and maximize the need for your expertise? Two words: tax postcards.

Consider what happens if you don’t reach out to prospective clients – lost revenue. Today there are online accounting services that charge minimal fees along with budget tax-preparers that provide basic, production-line service and are happy to collect fees that could be coming to you. 

Uninformed taxpayers could be attracted to the price, not knowing that you offer added benefits, like tax savings for the current tax period and strategies to reduce taxes in the coming year. What happens when you don’t secure new clients? As attrition naturally eats away at your customer base, your thriving practice could slowly die. 

Let’s explore how you could get a larger share and attract more clients with an affordable strategy that allows you to advertise your accounting practice to a legion of individuals who need your expertise. 

Direct Mail Is Still Popular & Profitable

These days, everything is online – that doesn’t mean that everyone likes it. The novelty of receiving something colorful, fun, and informative in the mail can help small businesses be more memorable. 

Tax postcards create lasting impressions

According to a number of sources, direct mail has an average lifespan of 17-days while an email will only stay on your prospects’ minds for a few seconds. 

Not only will you stay top-of-mind with your targeted audience, but you can touch their friends and family, too. An attractive offer may end up under a refrigerator magnet. When a friend says they need tax help, all the recipient needs to do is share your name and phone number on the mailer or pass along the tax postcard!

Tax Postcards millennial receiving mail webMillennials like mail 

This generation has grown up using digital resources, banking, going to school, and work online. It’s logical to assume that they prefer to get all of their information online. 

Quite the contrary, surveys show that 76% of Millennials say they feel special when they receive personalized mail. With the personalization costs plummeting, thanks to digital printing, it’s worth the cost to make future clients feel special by sending a personalized postcard.

Take the stress out of tax time with tax postcards

Busy clients have a lot on their mind and often have competing priorities vying for their attention. By sending reminder postcards, you’re easing their stress by letting them know that you’re ready to offer expert advice and take a stressful task off their hands. 

Turnkey Tax Postcard Solutions

Attract more revenue by targeting your best clients with a postcard that’s 4.25”X6” in size. According to Accounting Today, this accounting postcard size that gets the best results. 

Next, how to position your accounting and tax service practice to reach your ideal customer? Choose an experienced direct mail marketing service and commercial printer, like One Stop Mail (OSM) to drive the right leads to your business. 

Tax Postcards business woman opening mail webList services that target new clients and movers

Mail lists are critical for successful direct mail campaigns. If you don’t get the results that you want from each mailing, experts in list building and direct mail can suggest how to improve results, from changing your demographics or reach new movers in your neighborhood. 

You can also customize a list that’s specific to your practice to optimize your budget and return on investment.  

Eye-catching graphic services for your tax postcards

Reaching your targeted client-base requires standing out among all of the “noise” in the mailbox. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind look for your accounting postcards, OSM’s professional graphic designers can create a design that aligns with your quality, trusted brand. 

Affordable printing options

As mentioned, personalized messages are more memorable and appreciated. OSM’s digital printing services allow you to greet every prospect by name without costing you an arm and a leg. Ask our printing pros the cost of a printed message, and you may be pleasantly surprised. 


Every Door Direct Mail” may be the answer if you want every household on a specific mail route to receive your tax prep postcards. OSM will make sure that all of your neighbors receive your message, and it saves you the cost of a mail list, too. 

Consider More Than Tax Postcards

Tax Postcards promotional products webClient giveaways pack a punch. When you provide clients with pens, magnets, and other promotional products with your name, logo, and contact information, you’re reminding them of your service and providing them a way to contact you. 

If clients are presented with copies of returns in a folder that’s personalized with your name and number, they’ll remember you when it’s time for next year’s taxes. 

In today’s competitive business environment, savvy business professionals leverage every advantage they can. When you have direct mail marketing and printing experts like One Stop Mail in your corner, you can create a unique campaign tailored to your practice. 

Don’t delay getting your tax prep postcards on the press – contact us or call 602.962.9243 and start maximizing your tax time revenue today!  

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What is Offset Printing and How Can it Help Your Business Grow? 

Stand out in sales presentations and in customers’ mailboxes! Offset print products showcase your business. We’ll help you choose the highest quality, most cost-effective method of printing to meet your goals.

Financial Services Direct Mail guy working in printing company web

Direct Digital Printing Allows For Creative Marketing Outreach

Welcome back!  This is part three in our series of articles highlighting some of the less-known or less-often used products that can be produced with direct digital printing services.  (Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.)

There’s no need for more buildup; let’s just get right into more great ideas for integrating digital print into your marketing and outreach!

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Digital Printing Service Ideas

More Possibilities In Digital Printing Services, Part 1

AD_E_combo_01 digital printing service ideas
It’s easy to neglect real-world advertising and outreach when there are so many new and trendy ways of engaging in e-marketing.  However, while electronic media have gotten all the press, digital printing service options have been continuing to get ever-better.

Digital printing now offers numerous new options for getting your message out, and physical media is still one of the most effective forms of local outreach you can engage in.  So, we wanted to write a few blogs highlighting some of the lesser-used forms of printed marketing, in hopes of giving you new ideas for your local campaigns.

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digital printing company

More Possibilities for a Digital Printing Company, Part 2

Welcome back!  This is Part 2 in our ongoing series exploring many of the lesser-used options in marketing when businesses uses a digital printing company.  (You can find Part 1 here.)

Digital printing has revolutionized print marketing in many ways, as well as re-energizing some older forms of advertisements which had previously been seen as passe‘ thanks to the outdated technologies behind them.  However, with today’s digital print options, there’s a new world of options for reaching out through printed mediums.

So, we have some more ideas you might be able to employ to kickstart your local marketing campaigns.

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Direct_Mail_Campaign benefits of digital printing

What are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

You have a lot of options in the Arizona area for having custom print jobs done.  Why hire a group with digital printers on-site?  Because you can get better, more vibrant prints made with more customization than could ever be done at traditional facilities! The print world is going digital for good reason.  Even if you only have small batches, the benefits of digital printing include both cost-effective and superior to most manual methods. Read more

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing – Learn the Difference

When comparing offset printing vs. digital printing, digital continues to grow in popularity.  Yet, which is right for your next print job? Some examples are below.

For more than a century, offset printing was the standard for pretty much any print job.  It’s called offset because ink isn’t applied directly to the final product.  An aluminum or rubber plate is used as a go-between, holding the ink when paper is placed against it.  Since this process is entirely “analog” it results in crisp and accurate reproductions every time.

However, while digital printing may lag slightly in terms of image quality, it’s making inroads against offset printing.  Digital offers several features that offset cannot match.

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing, Digital Might Be the Right Choice

1 – Small Batches

Because digital requires less setup, and doesn’t need plates, it’s far more cost effective for smaller batches, especially quantities of less than 100.  Likewise, if you’re doing a lot of micro-targeting and looking to send several versions of a mailer, digital will allow for the variety you need without the high costs associated with reconfiguring an offset printer.

2 – Customized Elements

What if you’re looking to heavily personalize each mailer or one-sheet with personal information or perhaps individual QR Codes? Simply put, this cannot be done with offset printing.  Digital printing solutions can easily make printed materials as customized -or interactive- as an email.  The costs associated with trying this on offset printing equipment would be absurd.

3 – Smaller Pieces

One of the main limitations on digital printing is the same as all other digital graphics: resolution.  The bigger the piece being printed, the less likely a digital printer will be able to match offset quality.  But, this also goes in the other direction.  Digital printers can create super-sharp smaller pieces of artwork, sometimes with better fidelity than offset processes.

When Offset Printing Is Still The Better Choice

1 – Big Identical Batches

While the initial setup of an offset print job is higher, this can be mitigated by the sheer speed of offset printing.  If you need ten thousand copies of the same poster, offset will deliver it faster and for less money.  This is the sort of job offset printing excels at.

2 – Physically Large Pieces

As alluded to above, the quality of digital printing goes down as the physical size of the final product goes up.  Large digitally-printed materials are likely to be pixilated, or have unacceptably large spacing between printed dots.  This may not matter if the object will only be seen from a distance, such as a banner ten feet above the ground.  However, if it will be seen close-up, offset printing can stand up to more scrutiny.

3 – Special Ink Or Materials

Offset printing can also handle a wider variety of inks and printing materials.  As such, it is better suited for high-end products that might include metallic inks, gold foil, or expensive paper stock.  While digital is making strides in this area, offset printing can still add touches of class or luxury that digital cannot provide.

Two Great Printing Options Cover Every Need

So, there’s no single answer to whether offset printing vs. digital printing is “better.”  Each technology has its own advantages and areas in which it excels.  If you’re in doubt about which will work better for your own print jobs, just contact One Stop Mail.  Our shop offers the state of the art printing, and we can ensure you get the right techniques for every form of printed media you need!

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Updated 11.20.20 


Digital And Print Go Together Hand-in-Hand

These days, the choice shouldn’t be digital OR print in small business marketing.  If you have any offline presence at all, some of the most effective advertisements are printed materials with rich digital integration.

It’s the best of both worlds.  Printed advertising has strong return rates, including youth, as well as being more engaging than purely digital ads.  However, print can still be tied into your digital strategies as well as inviting further direct participation from the recipient.

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