4 Ps of Direct Mail Advertising

The 4 P’s are the Key to a Successful Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

While the marketing world has its own 4 P’s of marketing, we in the direct mail advertising corner of the industry have our own “mix”. Our 4 P’s differ slightly but achieve the same goal: promoting your products or brand to customers and prospects!

The 4 P’s that make up the direct mail advertising mix – People, Print, Preparation and Postage – provide the guide to preparing your most successful direct mail campaigns.

Find Your PEOPLE

You can’t have a successful direct mail advertising campaign without knowing who to market to. Obviously, your loyal customers are your easiest and most successful targets, but when it’s time to expand your base, it’s important to know who you want to mail to.

Relying on One Stop Mail’s team of direct mail experts is a great way to help find the best audience to successfully promote your business. When having those planning meetings, think about things like homeownership, income levels, homes with children, and much more. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your experts, there’s likely a select out there!

Targeted Mailing List and Data Services

PRINT That Pops

Have you ever gone to grab your mail and noticed a postcard or teaser on an envelope that caught your eye? Maybe it was the image on the card that popped. Perhaps it was the feel and weight of the paper that grabbed your attention.

No matter what it was, there are always ways to steal the attention of your target audience with an eye-catching design or a unique mail piece that sets you apart from your competition.

Mailboxes can get full very quickly, and your ability to stand out is an important part of the marketing mix. Think about your design, and if you need a refresh, talk to our Graphic Designers to learn what’s in. Consider how your images and call to action can persuade that brand-new prospect to try out your hot product. Ask us for samples of different paper stocks to find the right finishing touch.

PREPARATION, or Mailing Services, Make or Break Your Campaign

In the direct mail advertising world, a terrible thing to do to a beautifully designed piece sent to your ideal new customer is for the address to look “off” or the indicia or stamp to look pixelated and unprofessional. Even worse is when someone opens your envelope and the fold of the letter isn’t quite right or that special magnet or freebie wasn’t affixed properly and damages the mailer.

Finding the right mail house that will work quickly, keep your mail on your timeline, but maintain the professional look and quality of your brand and messaging is an important factor when preparing a mail campaign.

Sometimes the mailing services is complicated and requires special folding, nesting or gluing and when properly done, these are the types of techniques that will either make you look clean, professional and organized. Remember, how the mail piece arrives is a reflection of your company’s brand and could be the first impression – make it count!

Prospect Checking Mail from EDDM Mailing Services

Don’t Forget About POSTAGE

When planning your direct mail advertising campaign, there are two important things to factor with regard to postage: timing and cost. If your mail is important and time-sensitive, consider mailing first class to ensure quicker delivery. You’ll pay more, but it may be worth it.

If time is not a factor and you’re well prepared, standard mail is your best option. It will save you nearly 50% of the postage cost and allow you to mail to even more people. Often, printing an indicia is the easiest and quickest way to deliver your mail to the Post Office, but you may want a stamp to make the piece look official and give a more personal feel.

Discuss these options with our Direct Mail Experts, who will always balance your needs, budgets and goals when providing the best options.


Variable data printing allows you to make a mass mailing more personal, so you can reach each recipient with a message that is more meaningful to them. According to a recent study, 59% of shoppers say personalization was a purchasing influence.

The same Infosys study says that consistent high-quality direct mail that is personalized offers higher returns than a generic mail campaign.

Find the Right Direct Mail Advertising Mix at One Stop Mail

Using the 4P’s is the blueprint for a successful direct mail campaign. Like anything else, direct mail is about the recipe, and the 4P’s arm you with the tools and tactics to attack the mailbox and win new customers. Even if you haven’t planned everything out before you call, you can bet the direct mail experts at One Stop Mail will ask questions and listen to your needs to piece together the right mix for you and your company. Talk to one of our Experts today at 602-233-3003!