Business Card Finishes and Card Finishing Options

Business Card Finishes & Card Finishing Options

Some business cards immediately stand out and leave a lasting impression, while others seem to fade into the background, getting no love or attention. And that’s a shame because the business card as a tool is so critical when networking and generating new business. 

The secret to a “successful” business card often lies not in the design itself but in the finishes applied to the card. A well-chosen finish can transform a standard business card into a powerful force for brand representation and individual networking. 

This article will explore the different business card finishing options available, helping you to understand which option might be the best fit for your brand’s look and feel.


Business Card Finishing Option 1 – Spot UV

Spot UV finishing involves applying a clear, shiny coating to specific areas of the business card, creating a striking contrast between the glossy, treated areas and the uncoated portions. This finish not only adds a tactile dimension but also visually enhances the card, making logos, company names, or other key information stand out. While the effect is undoubtedly eye-catching, it is best used judiciously to avoid overwhelming the card’s design. 

Spot UV is an excellent choice for businesses looking to highlight critical elements of their card without altering the overall texture and feel of the cardstock.


Business Card Finishing Option 2 – Matte Finishing

Matte finishing offers a sleek, sophisticated look with its non-reflective surface, providing a modern and understated elegance. Cards with a matte finish are easy to read under any lighting condition, making them a practical choice for professionals in all fields. The main advantage of matte finishing is its resistance to fingerprints and smudges, keeping your business cards looking clean and professional. However, the lack of shine might not suit all designs, especially those that aim for a more vibrant or dynamic appearance. 

Choose matte finishing for a timeless, classic look that speaks to professionalism and sophistication.


Business Card Finishing Option 3 – Gloss Finishing

Gloss finishing gives business cards a shiny, reflective surface that catches the eye and enhances the vibrancy of the card’s colors. This finish is ideal for designs that feature bold colors or photo-quality images, as it amplifies the visual impact of the card. However, gloss-finished cards can show fingerprints and smudges more easily than their matte counterparts. They are also more challenging to write on, which could be a consideration if you often personalize your cards with notes. 

Gloss finishing is perfect for businesses that want to make a bold statement and attract attention.


Business Card Finishing Option 4 – Soft Touch Finishes

Soft touch finishes deliver a velvety, smooth texture to business cards, creating an immediate impression of sophistication and luxury. And yes this is also a textured finish, it really needs to be called out on its own because of the dramatic tactile attention it  gets.

This finish is known for its ability to make colors appear richer and more saturated, adding depth to the design. The soft feel also encourages people to hold and interact with the card longer, potentially enhancing brand recall. However, similar to matte finishes, soft touch can be prone to showing fingerprints, though less so than glossy surfaces. 

Soft touch finishes are an excellent choice for businesses aiming to convey a premium, high-quality image.


Selecting the right finish for your business cards can significantly impact how your brand is perceived and remembered. Whether you opt for the tactile sophistication of Spot UV, the understated elegance of matte, the vibrant shine of gloss, the unique texture of textured finishes, or the luxurious feel of soft touch, the right choice will align with your brand identity and help your card stand out in a sea of competitors.


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