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In the rush to adopt all the new electronic mediums in advertising – the Internet, email, blogs, etc – it’s easy for a business to overlook the cheapest and most widely-seen of all marketing ventures: Simple postal mailing services. People may be “cutting the cord” in terms of their phone and TV services, but everyone still gets postal mail.

That said… there are barriers to entry in postal bulk mail that may present problems for smaller businesses, especially the bureaucracy and fees involved in becoming a bulk mail user at all. That’s where a professional mailing service comes in. The right partner can simplify the red tape, while bringing you all the benefits that direct mail still offers.

Great Reasons To Add Mailing Services To Your Outreach

1 – It’s inexpensive.

Single postcards can cost mere cents per to print and mail, especially when thousands are being sent out at once. While email is still technically cheaper per-mail, how many of those emails will be going straight into someone’s spam, unseen? In terms of putting an actual item into actual buyers’ hands, there’s no more cost-efficient method than direct mail marketing.

2 – Laser-focused targeting.

Effective email targeting requires huge databases of customer data, which often has to be collected for years to be truly useful. Direct mail utilizes public information that’s already out there and ready for anyone to utilize. Neighborhood-level demographics, often tracked on a block-by-block basis, can be utilized to quickly and easily target your best possible leads in a city, and no one else.

3 – Physicality

One element to “snail mail” that’s often overlooked is that it’s physical. You’re giving the recipient something they can hold, feel, or even smell. These are all aspects of the advertisement which are utterly lost in email. Tactile impressions create emotional responses that digital characters on a screen simply cannot.

A well-designed direct mailer, with a variety of textures and physical attributes, makes an appealing advertisement that people want to open up and play with.

4 – Digital response tracking.

Just because postal mail is an offline medium, that doesn’t mean it has to be disconnected. It’s now simple for individual mailers to be custom-printed with unique barcodes, or QR Codes, which the recipient can interact with through their smartphone or tablet. Besides adding interactivity, these allow you to track the performance of each piece of mail at an individual level.

If John Smith scans your ad, but Jane Doe two doors down does not, you’ll know this. And that, in turn, gives you more information on how to create even better-targeted campaigns in the future.

5 – Convey a sense of luxury.

While it’s easy to emphasize how inexpensive postal mail is, it can go also the other way and create a real impression of quality, even luxuriousness, that email could never match. After all, there’s no such thing as a “classy” email, no matter how hard one tries. It’s an inherently egalitarian medium.

On the other hand, a mailer that’s clearly made of high-quality materials, with plenty of interactive elements to unfold, and possibly even a free gift or two will say, unmistakably, that your firm has the money to spend guaranteeing the “nicer things in life” in a way that online interactions lose entirely.

Direct Mail Gets Your Message Out

Whether you’re looking for the most cost-effective impressions in physical advertising, or to sell your services as quality in a way email cannot, direct mailing services are your best option. When it’s time to build your next direct mail marketing campaign, reach out to One Stop Mail or call 602.962.5104. Our years of expertise will help you create a targeted, memorable campaign.


For a free consultation on the world of direct mail options, just contact OneStop Mail today!

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