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Direct mail is still one of the most popular, affordable, and effective forms of marketing available… but you need to catch people’s attention quickly.  Forty four percent is never opened, and most of that boils down to a failure of presentation and not using well-known direct mail tips.

When consumers are time-pressed, your direct mail needs to immediately grab their attention and become the first thing they open.

5 Great Ways To Spice Up Your Services with Proven Direct Mail Tips

1 – Larger Postcards

Here’s a mail services tip that surprisingly few know about:  With presorted standard postage, a 6×11″ postcard costs the same as the standard 4×6″ card.  A larger postcard gives you far more space for messaging, while ensuring the card stands out from other mail items.

2 – Custom-Printed Envelopes

Undoubtedly, most of those mailers which go unopened use bland, standard envelopes – a direct mail tip is to stand out from the crowd.  With digital printing services, it’s now possible to send out full-color, fully-customized envelopes with plenty of color and graphics to grab people’s eyes.

3 – Localized / Personalized Messages

One of the most important factors in whether a consumer pays attention to any form of advertising is whether they perceive it as relevant to them.  With digital printing services, it’s easy to create highly-personalized mailings which mention their town, neighborhood, name, or other pertinent details which say “This is important to you!

4 – Appealing Tactile Design

One big advantage that direct mail has over electronic media is that it’s physical… so use that to your advantage.  A direct mail tip is to make your mailer feel different from other pieces of mail.  If your printer uses digital printing services, they can handle a wide variety of printable materials beyond standard stock paper to catch people’s interest just as easily as one that’s visually different.

5 – Self-Mailers

Self-mailers are another great alternative to traditional envelopes.  Using bi- or tri-folded cardboard, self-mailers immediately invite interaction.  When they’re well-designed with an interesting message, merely opening and reading them can be a fun experience for the recipient.

Get More From Your Mail Services

Direct mail is still an excellent way for businesses to market themselves, especially those looking to attract a local audience.  However, with people being bombarded by ever-more ads, mail has to try harder to compete with various electronic media.

By varying up your direct mail materials and looking to make them as interesting and interactive as possible, you can create highly successful direct mail campaigns.  For more information and suggestions, just contact OneStopMail!


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