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Don’t listen to the technocrats!  Print media and direct mail are still great marketing techniques, and modern digital printing processes make them better than ever.


It’s easy to jump on bandwagons and embrace the (supposedly) latest-and-greatest tech, and that’s often a good way at hooking some customers.  But there are still plenty of people in this world who enjoy printed materials, or even prefer them.  Plus, they’re affordable, and great for targeting specific geographic areas.

If you’ve started overlooking digital printing options for your marketing, we’ve got seven reasons you might want to ‘go retro’ with print media again.

7 Reasons Print Media Still Works!

1 – Everyone Gets It

Not everyone has an iPad or smartphone.  However, everyone in the country has a postal address, and still regularly receive mail they sort through.  In fact, according to a USPS study, 79% of people read their mail daily.  Printed materials are still the BEST overall way of ensuring widespread penetration in a geographic area.

2 – Better Female Audiences

From recent studies, it seems direct mail works better on women than on men, with 86% reading print ads on a daily basis.  Women also seem to be a bit more willing to invest time actually reading the ads (as opposed to scanning) and picking up the information in them.

3 – Print Media is as Customizable as Email

Modern digital printing techniques allow for mail flyers which are as personalized as any electronic media.  Every single piece coming off the printing press can be customized specifically for its recipient.  This could be as basic as individual QR Codes (for response-tracking) to full copy replacements based on local demographics.

This solves one of the big problems with direct mail in the past, that of having to send the same mailer to everyone.  Direct mail can be fully customized now.

4 – It’s Got Great ROI

Some shy away from direct mail because of the relatively higher initial investment costs. However, according to a recent DMA study, the average return on investment is an amazing 13-to-1!  A well-designed print ad will bring in plenty of business, and is also highly effective in generating first-time buyers.

Besides, with direct mail, your costs are well-known upfront.  “Fuzzy” electronic strategies like Pay-Per-Click can become hidden money pits because their low monthly costs disguise low monthly returns.

5 – Print Mail Is Easy To Keep

Let’s be honest: When’s the last time you’ve actually used that “star” feature in your email box?  We bookmark emails, but never return to them afterwards.

On the other hand, in an Appleton Coated study, 83% of respondents specifically said they appreciate printed materials because they can be saved for later.  It’s counter-intuitive, but the physical nature of direct mail makes it easier for people to remember for later.

6 – Print Is Trusted

In study after study, printed materials rate far higher than electronic sources in trustworthiness.  Perhaps people are inherently suspicious of all the ‘trickery’ going on with electronic interactions, but either way, they’re just basically more trusting of printed materials.

That means you can spend more time on your messaging, and less time trying to get people to believe your messaging.

7 – Print Drives Web Sales

According to a joint USPS/ComScore study, websites supported with print catalogs yield 163% higher returns than a website alone.  Other studies have seen anywhere from 20-50% increases from dropping a catalog or other major promotional item.

Used in tandem with electronic strategies, digital printing is affordable, effective, and one of the best-liked messaging forms in the world.  If you’ve moved away from print lately, come back!  There’s a lot of value left. Let us be your print source and contact us today!


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