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Top Graphic Design Trends 2015

Is your graphic design style with the times?

Trends in advertising and design are changing even more quickly than ever before, “thanks” to the digital revolution and the rapid spread of new design paradigms across the world.  Everyone is fighting to stand out on store shelves and in mailboxes, which means there’s a near-constant evolution of design ideas.

If you’re still using marketing materials from a couple years ago, you will almost certainly see a major boost in interest if you update them to more modern styles.  And if your competition hasn’t updated theirs, your materials will definitely stand out among all the rest.

So, we wanted to highlight some of the major design trends that became prominent in 2015.  These are the directions you should be looking with your art design in the months to come.

The Most Interesting Graphic Design Trends 2015

1 – Old is New

Deliberately “antique” looking logos and messaging are another thing we’ve seen cropping up more and more: marketing taking their cues from pre-Depression advertising with plenty of text, old-fashioned typeface, and highly baroque crest-style logos.  Don’t feel too much need for historical accuracy, these can mashup styles from roughly the 1880s-1920s.

The nice thing about this design comeback is that it’s got cross-generational appeal.  Older or more conservative buyers will appreciate the old-fashioned look, while various varieties of younger hipsters simply dig it because it looks old.

2 – Geosplicing

Show an example of geosplicing to someone and it’s bound to start a conversation, even if it’s just about whether ‘splicing is brilliant or terrible.  Like psychedelic remix of late-80s design, geosplicing is specifically about “splicing” together contrasting and seemingly-mismatched visual styles in montage or collage format.  To a large extent, the more mismatched and contrasted, the better.

It’s not a good style for older buyers who’ll object to the look on general principle, but a piece of marketing that’s geospliced is absolutely guaranteed to be eye-catching and likely to spark discussions!

3 – Motion Lines and Waves

Here’s a good example of how reactionary graphic design can be.  Just as we’re getting used to the “flat” look which has become standard in a lot of mobile operating systems and online layouts, people are moving to more dynamic forms of artwork.

Comic-book style motion lines and radiation waves create a strong sense of movement, and can be used to guide a reader’s eye around the advertisement.  Dynamicism is the key here, and it should hold a lot of appeal to a lot of groups.

4 – Sketchiness

Probably inspired by the popularity of MS Paint pictures in far too many Internet memes, we’ve been seeing a big rise in artwork that’s deliberately low-tech and hand-drawn in appearance.  This could be anywhere from simple single-line sketchwork to highly detailed and intricate pieces of art made to imitate doodles in a school notebook.

Another nice thing about this style is it can be easily mixed with other new design trends to create pieces that are still interesting and dynamic, while keeping that lo-fi vibe of hand-drawn artwork.

Bring in New Markets with Top Graphic Design Trends 2015 

These are very much years for experimentation in your marketing and outreach.  Don’t be afraid to try new things, and look for new images for your branding.  With so many companies trying to stand out during a deluge of advertising, novelty is one of your best weapons.

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